[FanCam] SS501 Hyunjoong in Macau with his parents after HK Concert!

Posted: December 15, 2009 in English
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So, after the HK concert HJL went to Macau with his parents. Comments and brief explanation below the video !

This video is taken by his Japanese fans, so, they gave him a food, and being so nice HJL took the food – shared it with people who was w/ him and then ate the food. The Japanese fans were so happy when they saw him eating the food they gave him , u can hear them saying,”tabeta tabeta!!” – means ate – it’s like saying “he ate the food!” ^^ haha..sorry for the quick Japanese lesson ^^ and the fans were so funny when they saw HJL was looking for a trash can they actually went to him and took off the paper wrap from him ^^ I bet they keep it *lol* One thing for sure! He’s SUPER handsome !!!! *fangirling mode on*

  1. tatavita says:

    Wow envy the Japanese fans, they’re so closely with him….ahhhh Leader so damn nice *lovehimmore* ^^

  2. redevilica says:

    Lol the fans even took the paper wrap from him xD

  3. Lnk says:

    how to see the vid? it’s private.

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