SS501 Kim Kyujong,”Music is my life!”

Posted: December 13, 2009 in photo spread
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Why I give such title ? Because, as I see from their airport snapshots, Kyu is usually spotted with headphone in his neck or ears ^^ Just like me when I traveled *lol* See it for urself!

And a bonus : Kyu’s FanArt from Lee SoHyeong @ Cyworld!

and another fanArt : credit as tagged!

  1. Zie says:

    Agreed.. He always have his headphone with him.. Its been like that like always. I remembered when he showed his CD player sign by the boys. Music is always with him ^^

  2. soin says:

    he looked like a kid in the last pic ^__^
    and the fan arts are all nice !!
    i should have practice how to draw ppl’s eyes so i can draw the guys…

    • Kimz says:

      yeaaa.. so cuteeeee Kyu Jonggg ^^
      he is so cute in general but .. as u know sometimes he turns to be so sexy!! >o<

      hahaa…thnks Imuyachan for the pics anyway 🙂
      they remind me tat he always comes with this look .. loose jacket & hat or sth? ^^

  3. ::koreanlover:: says:

    handsome kyujong! well, i like guy who always wear headphone! cool kyujong!handsome kyujong!

  4. Flora says:

    Music is his life . . . . . . .Music is his soul . . . . . . Great personality . . . . . . luv ss501 ! !

  5. Aniushka says:

    Wao, good pictures!!!, are beautiful, especially the those drawn 🙂 thanks a lot!!!

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