[Info] SS501 Leader Hyunjoong notched no.1 in 3 region for Yahoo Asia Buzz Award 2009!

Posted: December 13, 2009 in Award
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So, our leader HJ in fact won in all 3 region. This event is an annual event from 3 Yahoo :  Korea, Taiwan and Hongkong! I had no time to translate, so please read the translated articles done by xiaochu of quainte501.

12/04 [news] ‘Flower Boy SS501’ Kim HyunJoong, Asia Buzz Awards Triple Crown

Credits : butthegirl@mtstarnews.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Group SS501’s Kim HyunJoong has been selected as the most popular star in Korea, HongKong, Taiwan, etc, and will get the honor to be triple crowned at the year-end award ceremony.

On the 4th, one music representative reveals that Kim HyunJoong will have the honor of winning the title of the most dazzling star of the year in ‘Yahoo! Asia Buzz Awards 2009’ organized by 3 global website ‘Yahoo! Korea’, ‘Yahoo! Taiwan’ and ‘Yahoo! HongKong’.

He will attend the award ceremony held in HongKong on 14-Dec, receiving awards including ‘Buzz International Single’, ‘KR TOP Buzz Artiste’, ‘Taiwan TOP Buzz Korea Artiste’, etc. This award ceremony which will be held in HongKong since 2003, announcing the entertainment trends for the year and it is an annual event for Yahoo! HongKong to award the best artistes.

‘Buzz International Single’ is an award given to the artiste for making it to the top position in search engines including Yahoo! Korea, HongKong and Taiwan, and Kim HyunJoong defeats prominent Asia Stars to gain number 1 position, reconfirming his status as a hallyu star.

It is even more delighting to know that SS501 has also won ‘Buzz International Group’ award.

In Yahoo! Taiwan, beating the other artistes to gain the 1st position for ‘Taiwan Top Buzz Korea Artiste’ award is none other than the singer who gain popularity through KBS 2TV ‘Boys Over Flowers’.

SS501 will hold their ‘ASIA TOUR in HONGKONG’ on 12-Dec at HongKong Expo Arena, we hope that Kim HyunJoong and SS501 will get even more popular in HongKong as well as in other Asian countries.

Meanwhile, SS501 will stay after they finish their concert in HongKong to attend to the award ceremony on 14-Dec.

The link for the Best Man Voting Result in Y!Korea click  here

  1. SSZA says:

    YAY!!i’m soo happy he got 1st place.actually,i wanted to vote for him..so i opened the yahoo buzz asia award to vote.but then,when i opened the website i couldnt understand a word of it cuz i vaguely remembered that it was not in english.there goes my dream to vote for him…haiishhhh 😦

  2. Praew says:

    YAYY~ 🙂
    hes also no.1 for thailand!! hahaha
    [in my opinion]
    ahahhaha XD
    he deserves all thiss 😀 YAYY
    hope he doesnt wear himself out tho,,,all this work :\

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