[Info] SS501 contract expired in 6 months ! What are the boys hoped from their renewal contract?

Posted: December 13, 2009 in tv show
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SS501 was revealing the fact when appearing in MBC Golden Fishery “The Radio Star” on Dec 9,2009 broadcast.

Kim Hyunjoong, “Want to stay eventhough there’s no contract renewal!,” he confessed while laughing. Heo Youngsaeng,”I wish in SS501 renewal contract I can get a rehearsal room”, while Kim Kyujong says,” Hope to do variety projects with all 5 of us together.”

Kim Hyunjoong also expressed his wish by saying that he wants to hire a professional bodyguard for their fans safety, though he wishes that their fans can be more careful as well, on the other hand, Park Jungmin expressed his worries about their manager working environment and hope they get such a warm working environment.

Whilst, magnae Kim Hyungjoon says that he wants to debut in a drama and releasing a solo album which create laughter to the people in the show (remember that he was jokingly called as a traitor for giving same statement b4hand? ^^)

Source : 스포츠연예팀 csnews

  1. Praew says:

    kyuuu i totally agree with ur idea! i love watching variety shows,,,mayb they’ll b able to do idol show like SJ and 2PM and FTisland! 🙂 cos idol show airs in thailand too weehee~ 😀
    ahh leader really cares about us doesnt he 😀
    ^^ ❤

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