[Video] Finally !!! SS501 Magnae HyungJoon Telesinema “Superstar:Black City” Teaser is OUT!

Posted: December 11, 2009 in drama, tv show
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As previously reported, that our magnae HyungJoon will be taking part in Omnibus Drama called “Superstar” that has 10 different stories in total. And, FINALLY!!! There’s an update ’bout this project!! HyungJoon will be taking part in the story called “Black City”. I don’t know whether he’ll be in this story ONLY or not. This telesinema project details are like super hard to find >.<

And, who dare to do this to our magnae ????!!!!????? *lol* okay, I am exaggerating ^^

Here’s the teaser!

I definitely CANNOT wait to watch this! It looks great ^^ HJB fighting!!

  1. Vleese says:

    they really should play together all of them..
    must make their own movie..
    aahh.. I’m anticipating it..

  2. wa'9oo7 says:

    HJB looks soooooooooo manly in this drama! ^_^.. i cant wait either..!
    and yeah he’ll only act in this ep.. coz every episode different actors..!

  3. Alexandra says:

    Do U know, where I can download it?
    or it hasnt been shown yet?

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