[TV] SS501 HyunMinJoon (GaeMalJoon) in SBS Strong Heart Eps 12.08.2009 {ENG}

Posted: December 11, 2009 in tv show
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This is funny eps. ! Yet, I think people shud stop the Swine Flu subject (why they keep reminding HJL ’bout those hard times >.<)! Another funny parts, when Brian oppa do a sexy charisma competition with JungMin ^^ Super FUNNY! 3 videos this time! Enjoy!

Sexy Charisma Competition between JungMin vs Brian

SS501 Cuts 1 – HJL “Swine Flu” story

SS501 Cuts 2 – HJL “To My Mother” story

Source : shirbogurl3[Sexy Charisma Vid]+

JiYounieee a.k.a iBreatheLifeMusic + NulSarangHae [SS501 ENG Cuts Vids]

  1. Praew says:

    awww hes so cute >3<
    hey they shud broadcast this program in thailand rather than Star King or smth!
    its so much better!
    no offence to the star king ppl XDXD
    [star king is also sometimes funny to watch :)]

  2. SSZA says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHHA…omo,i laugh my ass off watching all the vids!it’s so DAMN FUNNY!!!especially the juri pyo part!n the part where kang ho dong said,”lets go out..okay..get out!”

  3. SSZA says:

    oh,the one she was compared with jungmin bcuz of their identical haircuts?yeah,i’ve watched it..so hilarious!!hahahahaha…. XD

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