[Info] The reason why SS501 cuts their song length into 2 minutes 46 seconds is…

Posted: December 8, 2009 in English

Shortened Music is the new trend? The sooner the better!

-Omitted for not related to SS501-

In the 90’s most of the music length was 5 minutes to 4 minutes then it was shortened to around 3 minutes which stays that way in the past few years. Yet, lately the TV stations have been cutting the airtime length and this has made many singers shortened their song length to meet the criteria.

Even boygroup SS501 new song “Love Like This” came with a new song length around 2 minutes 46 seconds in total.

-Omitted for not related to SS501-

Source : 전부경 buridul@bntnews

Not so many news lately, so I translated everything that mentioned their names *lol* Yet, I agree with the article, I always thought that “Love Like This” is too short >.< Me want more *lol*


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