[Info] SS501 “Rebirth” Album helps Children with Leukemia

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Event
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Another SS501 Kim HyunJoong Fan Club  “Kim HyunJoong Perfect” is showing another Fan Love to his idol through a good cause action!

Kim HyunJoong stage charisma, good acting as well as his confidence have been the reason for their fandom. Fans,”Kim HyunJoong please live like a flower”, “Kim HyunJoong is even prettier than flowers and hope his good reputation continues”, the Fan Club says.

Kim HyunJoong Perfect” previously donate 10,000,000 Korean Won to South Korea Children’s Leukemia Foundation on April 2009 and had helped kids at Children’s Pediatric Cancer Hospital.

And this time, they give out SS501 “Rebirth” album to South Korea Leukemia Children Foundation. One of the social worker Lee NaYeon,”Kids are having a hard time during chemotherapy, and SS501 music has giving them power to endure the process”, she said with appreciation.

Source : 백솔미 bsm@mydaily[news]+photo[KHJ Perfect via My Daily]

Wow, I admire HJL Fan Clubs a lot! Before it’s an article paper now this! I wish I can do the same and donate under SS501 names ^^

  1. kimmey09 says:

    Wow… they are so nice… and charitable…

  2. soin says:

    ^__^ so kind of them !!
    i also would love to do something like this…
    so we can spread out love, help, happiness and all…

    thank you for sharing this news !!

  3. Praew says:

    ❤ leaderrr 🙂

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