SS501 Magnae Kim Hyungjoon and Fahrenheit Wu Chun are brothers?

Posted: December 7, 2009 in English
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Korean Star vs Taiwanese Star!

Recently there’s a comparison done by a Hongkong newspaper talking about Korean Star and Taiwanese Star look alike. And SS501 magnae Hyungjoon is one of them.

SS501 member Kim HyungJoon face is said to look similar with Fahrenheit member Wu Chun.

The Hong Kong newspaper wrote that these 2 guys are both handsome with flawless skin added with pretty eyes and nose which made these 2 stars like brothers!

Besides HJB other stars whom being compared as well are Song HyeKyo and Ryan of PARAN.

Source : Nate

Ur say? Our HJB looks like WuChun or not?

HJB : “Omo! We do look alike!”

HJB: “But.. both of us handsome rite?”

HJB : ” Don’t tell anyone ’bout this!”

  1. jungminisdalurve says:

    That was EXACTLY what my friend and I thought when we first saw Magnae! Certain angle they looked almost identical Imuyachan..

    But when it comes to charisma and personality, imho I think Magnae wins Wu Chun hands down. No fight. And, age too..

  2. Soin says:

    Whoaa !! I’ve never thought of this before…but the pics selected they, well, really have similarity…maybe ‘cuz of hairstyle ?
    but when we see the actual moving vdo of them…i’ve never had this idea LOL
    Wu Zun has kind of cute look, while our Magnae has the handsome look ^___^ (for me)

    eiei thank u for the news !!

  3. kimmey09 says:

    There’s indeed some resemblance…

  4. illiyyin says:

    Speaking of look alike, does anyone notice similarity between Jung Min and Ren Fu of 5566 (Taiwan)

  5. Lnk says:

    really different loo.

  6. Kim Hyung Joon says:

    i knew it i was watching the drama romantic princes and i couldn’t close my moth i thought they were the same person until i looked it up
    both of them have this charismatic look which make you fall in love with them “” cuuuuuuute “”

  7. vanayya says:

    almost same .. but I’m still like Wu Chun ^^

  8. kaii says:

    yeah they look a like wu chun is shuai! i love his acting! charismatic! he is my fav,

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