[Video] SS501 & KARA are Idol over Flowers!

Posted: December 6, 2009 in tv show, video
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SS501 & KARA will appear in SBS 절친 노트 a.k.a Intimate Note and the preview is out!

The show will aired on Dec 11,2009 – 9.55 pm local time! The preview gave title “Kkotboda Idol” means “Idol over Flowers” ^^ Omo, this has been highly anticipated by Triple S and Kamilia (KARA Fans)! Bcoz we’ve been craving for this 2 groups in 1 show ^^ Finally our dreams come true ^^

And SS501 will do KARA’s butt dance ^^v I wonder how Ham (KARA’s SeungYeon will act when she meets her oppas ^^)

SeungYeon-ee is known for his fangirling towards SS501 ^^ And I ❤ it when she shows her fangirling towards SS501 ^^

Feels like she’s representing us *lol*

Watch the preview!

  1. DNA-n says:

    I love SS501’s butt dance

  2. Praew says:

    wow really?
    seungyeon likes SS501?
    ive always liked seungyeon most from KARA :))))
    and i wasnt wrong! :))) ❤

  3. temkaSS says:

    I can’t wait this show lol ^^

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