Kim Hyunjoong fans prove their love via a 137 pages fanmade paper !

Posted: December 4, 2009 in English
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Kim Hyunjoong Fanclub “My Club Jihoo Hyunjoong Arhee” on Dec 3rd,2009 showed off their self-made paper under the title “Kim Hyunjoong’s Korean Wave Syndrome Article in Asia Blog“. The self-made paper with a total of nearly 137 pages thick is a compilation of all Kim Hyunjoong‘s related info that appears in Japanese Magazines and Blogs.

The paper is said to come with depth analysis by category which amazed the ‘real’ journalists. It also done in color pages alongwith a Hangul translation and interpretation.

Meanwhile Kim Hyunjoong who is also the leader of boygroup SS501 just finished their local activities for their newest mini album “Rebirth” with the title track ‘Love Like This’ and the group will focus to their overseas activities and is busy preparing their Asia concert. Kim Hyunjoong syndrome is started off by his appearance in popular drama “Boys Over Flowers”  in the early of this year which is also broadcasted in Japan, China, Taiwan and became popular since then.

Source : 김형우 cox109@newsen

Wow..this is impressive ^^

JihooHyunjoong Arhee Fanclub is also the one who donates $2,650 or 3,500,000 KRW to The Beautiful Foundation (to help the poor people) using Yoon Jihoo name. And, it was the first time ever a donation made under a drama character’s name  (via kpculture)

Some love from HJL to us ^^

  1. alfa says:

    Hyun Joong is very lucky person. For being a very good singer, actor and having good personality…..even a good deeds like donation used his name….a big honor for HJL. I hope with this donation the aim to help the poor will brings HJL more prosperous and healthy life. I’m sure HJL will be very happy coz this is best gift for HJL who always gave his smile and honesty to their FANS.

  2. sara TT_TT says:

    wow .thats good coz , if kim hyun joong is popular then ss501 will becom more popular……. yayyyyyyyy
    ss501 love you

  3. SSZA says:

    the last picture cracks me up!!HAHAHAHHAHA ROFLMAO!!

  4. Soin says:

    THat needs a lot of effort…
    wowww…i hope other members’ll receive sth like this too

    and i love this pic so much >__<
    he looks like a yawning lil' puppy
    oww i'm going crazy now….

    i wish i could see the 137 pages…
    thank u Imuyachan…

  5. kurdonya says:

    I have a question for you??
    How can i become a triple s ??
    I mean, at any time they will Accepted new members???
    Thank you, my dear

    SS501 fighting <3<3

    • Imuyachan says:

      i will when they open the registration ok ^^ ..n how u will able to talk to them, i don’t think that will be possible as i am definitely sure that even the Korean Triple S is having a hard time to speak with the boys directly as in an appropriate talk (screaming, stalking are not included *lol*)

  6. fadt says:

    hyun joog you are fenomenal! a very sizzling smile and have your own personality and style… i hope you will be korea’s most popular artist.

    and SS501 fighting!!!!

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