SS501 Leader Hyunjoong is actress SooAe’s Pet?

Posted: November 30, 2009 in movie
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SS501 김현중 Kim Hyunjoong film debut is confirmed!

On Nov 30, the movie official says “Actress SooAe and Kim Hyunjoong are chosen to play the lead Man and Woman character of -My pet- movie”.

“My Pet” movie will talk about a Fashion Editor who lives together with a man, and both of them will develop feelings for each other gradually. Kim Hyunjoong will act as the pretty boy role (the one who lives together with the fashion editor).

DSP responds regarding the movie “The movie contract is not finish yet, maybe it will finalized this week”.

“My Pet” is initially from a Japanese Manga and was made into a Japanese drama under the title “Kimi wa Petto” aired by TBS TV.

Kim Hyunjoong started off his acting career via popular drama ‘Boys Over Flowers’ by taking Yoon Jihoo role and gained success.

Kim Hyunjoong movie debut will definitely captured audience hearts.

Source 임혜선 기자 lhsro@asiae

Ok, I am super confuse! Before, the movie production team stated that there’s no HJL in the movie, yet now, they say the opposite >.< Oh well, maybe things aren’t confirmed back then.

I was kinda relieve when I know he was not taking part of this movie actually..why? Bcoz there so many skinships in this flick T_T And, I don’t know whether I am ready or not to see many skinships ~_~

  1. jungminisdalurve says:

    Totally agree with you. I was more than elated to hear the news of HJL not going to take part in the movie. Partly because I don’t think it suits him well. I’m afraid the wrong acceptance of roles might pull him down instead of increasing his popularity.

    Yet now…

    Am soooo against it! But well, as his fans I guess we just have to be diplomatic and support them in whatever they have decided.

    Still, it feels bitter-sweet. 😦

  2. jess says:

    hj oppa wanna act some kind of extraordinary role.. So i guess this role is the one he wants to act….. In my poit of view as a fan….. 😦 im gonna heart broken soon…. bc …… skinship…. T____T
    But any way,, i have to support oppa… no matter what he does…. Oppa fighting!!!

    • Imuyachan says:

      i good fans..all we can do is support him…it’s better to see him act in romantic scene then to see him romantically involved w/ sum girl..i don’t think am ready (yet) for that fact *lol*

  3. Soin says:

    me also…actually i was kinda relieved when i first hear that it’s not true
    haha .. so many reasons are behind
    i am also afraid of too much skinship or maybe costume … well it’ll be bitter-sweet for me also
    but the most i’m concern is he’s in amidst of the persona tour…and didn’t DSP announced they’re coming up with another album next year? … that’s kinda worried me since he’s gonna go back to hectic period again … hope he stays healthy

    however, it’s gonna be another challenge for him, maybe this one really is the one that he mentioned about taking another acting next year… no mater what…Leader fighting and take care !!!
    SS501 fighting !!!

    thank u Imuyachan…

  4. sara TT_TT says:

    I’ve read that a lot of people are against him taking the role for they’ve said that he can’t act. But I believed in him…………………
    then how could he acted in bof and the solo collection??????? icant blive those people
    coz his acting very good i liket

    but i really wanted him to play a role of assassin like the solo collection

    • Imuyachan says:

      agree..i kinda like when i see him did the assassin role in their drama MV 😀 n regarding those peeps who says our leader can’t act..i won’t be bother to reply their words..yet, one thing for blog gets a higher traffic since leader plays in BoF n how many fans joined the Triple S crowd after his BoF role, how our boys SS501 gets even higher attention n love from many people after leader’s appearance in BoF. n most of the new fans doesn’t even know that leader is a boy group member when they watched him in BoF , so their opinions towards his acting shud be more objective rite? no worries about those words..they only comes from envy people as SS501 / leader gets more love and attention after BoF. n yet, am an avid fan of hana yori dango, i watched it from meteor garden, hanadan ’till BoF..n i also read the comics (manga) so i know exactly how well leader portrayed the Rui character..he gave out his own interpretation..different from b4 n i think his interpretation is also as good as the previous 2! Three of them have their own characteristic (read:interpretation) without loosing the original Rui’s character ! so just ignore those envy comments dearie ^^ we as his fans just support him, as we all know how hardworking he he put out his total effort when doing the drama…losing weight n all..i even hate DSP for a while..when i heard him down to fatigue n all bcoz of the drama..leader is a person who will do his best in leader fighting!!Ss501 fighting!

  5. […] Kim Hyunjoong previously reported will have his first giant screen attempt via ‘You are my Pet’ movie project, yet, the news came out today said that after few considerations his participation in the movie is […]

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