[TV+News+PhotoS] SS501 “Love Like This” Goodbye Stage in MBC Music Core 11.28.2009

Posted: November 28, 2009 in photo spread, tv show
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This is their last performance for indoor studio of MuCore!

The boys will still performing in Music Core Jeju Special in coming December 5!

As always – me ❤ the loud Triple S Fan Chant!!


News about this stagey!

Popular idol group ‘SS501‘ performed such an intense stage and captured the attention.

SS501‘ on Nov 28 – 4.20 pm performed “Love Like This” in MBC ‘Music Core’ ! SS501 members wore bright red suits showing their charisma on stage and it is said that their Goodbye stage has amused their fans Triple S.

Meanwhile according to DSP media, ” SS501, will wrapped up their REBIRTH promotion this weekend due to overseas packed schedule. This coming December 12, they will hold a concert in Hongkong as part of their Asia tour. And, then their activities will continue to countries like Malaysia and Singapore, before they comeback with new album in the early of next year”.

-Omitted for not related to SS501

Source : 최준용 – issue@tvdaily[Korean News]+ bntnews[Concert news] shirbogurl2 [Vid]

  1. plz help TT_TT says:

    dear friend :
    i have a question ??
    is ss501 famous in Korea ??
    coz iam an oversea fan and i do want to be come a ts how??
    i search a lot about how to be come one of you??
    so plz am begging you
    i hope that ss501 next album abom ^_^ and win all the awards yay ^_^
    SS501 Fighting

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi darling..welcome to this blog or shud i say SS501 Heaven *lol* Yes, they are famous, their Fan base named TRIPLE S is the 3rd biggest. to become an official Triple S u mean? they only open registration once a year, and this year is passed, so u might try next year ^^ yet, just being their fans and support them u can actually called urself a Triple S already ^^ Im sorry to edit ur last line, bcoz i don’t want to create a fan war just in case the group’s fans u mentioned visit this blog ^^ keep coming for daily SS501 updates or simply follow me in twitter ^^ thx 4 coming 😀

  2. I missed their stage today! x( Will watch the videos later on! Weird, but I think YS look cute in that jacket. lol
    I’m so sad that their promo period is so short!

    • Imuyachan says:

      i know..such a short promo..but, their overseas schedule is so packed darling..so, it’s better then to see all of them down to fatigue one by one..n, they will release new album (hope studio alb) early next year..i figure 1st half of 2010 ❤

  3. radicalkach says:

    reallly!?!?!?!?! including SINGAPORE?!!?!? where did u get the news from?
    could it be a false news? omomomo. i’ve been waiting for them ~~

    • Imuyachan says:

      i pu the news source dearie ^^ well, it’s not the 1st time that Spore is mentioned on news actually, yet, the Spore details are not out yet so i can’t share u anything for the time being 😀 will do if i read any info ^^ thx for coming 😀

      • radicalkach says:

        thnk you so much! well eversince i found this blog, i made it a point to visit this site whenever i turn on the com! cos u are VERY updated ! haha. thnks for all the latest updates! well, do u do subbing btw?

      • Imuyachan says:

        hai darling..thx 4 coming to this blog..i did subbing for few videos…but i only did that when i hv time..so, don’t expect me much ^^

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