[Recap+PhotoS] SS501 HyunKyu in KBS “Happy Together’

Posted: November 28, 2009 in photo spread
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As I wrote previously, our HyunKyu come to the show and have fun with Happy Together funny MCs ^^

Here’s a recap of what these 2 talked about in the show plus a photo spread taken from HyunKyu airtime ^^

  1. Kyu shares his audition story
  2. HJL talks about model Lee Sora and 14 years old age gap [more here]
  3. HJL talks about his acting passion after BoF, he wants to try different roles such as : murder, idiot person, etc.
  4. HJL impersonates designer Andre Kim and beats MC Hyukjae on that ^^
  5. Kyu shares his story about his Jeolla dialect
  6. HJL talks about his Swine Flu infection (not again T_T)
  7. HJL talks about his ideal noona Lee Hyori MKMF Kissing with TOP scene

Ok, that’s all, u won’t get any surprise if I share all the content ^^

  1. soin says:

    ^__^ i wanna see how the stylist noona set up Leader’s hair
    it’s really interesting since i think his hair went up really extreme in this program !!

    they were both so gorgeous here whooooowww

    thank u for the update !

  2. Praew says:

    woo~ hyunkyuuuu~ 🙂

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