[Info] SS501 is no.2 for ‘2009 Star Award’ !

Posted: November 27, 2009 in Award

Image above as per Nov 27,2009!

Starting Nov 19, the mobile voting for  “2009 Star Award” is started!

One week after the voting opened, our boys SS501 is at 2nd place with 18.8%  for the “Star of the year” award, then SS501 is at 3rd place with 11%  for “Singer of the Year” award below SuJu (12.7%) and TVXQ (63.8%).

Whilst, our leader Hyunjoong is leading the 1st place for ‘Performer of the Year’ award (52.8%) beats fellow flower boy Lee Minho at 2nd place (45.1%).

Yet, the mobile voting only own 20% of the total judgement percentage!

There will be 6 categories : Singer of the year, Performer of the year, Gagman of the year, Sport Star of the year, Song of the year and Star of the year.

More info just go to : http://www.idolranking.co.kr

Source is idolranking!


  1. SSZA says:

    can i still vote for the award?but the prob is i dont understand korean if the website is in korean.

  2. Praew says:

    YAY! hyunjoong gets firsttt! 😀
    HA! to the ppl hu r against singers –> actors

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