[Info] SS501 to celebrate New Year with “H4” of Meteor Shower drama?

Posted: November 26, 2009 in Event

Ok, 2 updates from our boys’ schedule, read away :

As I already informed u previously that SS501 will perform in SK International Women’s handball GrandPrix. It is said it will be either on Nov 27 / Nov 29 together with SHINee and Wheesung as other performer. Yet, as in today, the news update still hasn’t mention whether it will be on Nov 27/Nov 29. (DSP hasn’t put this on their official schedule too as I am writing )

A news came out and say that SS501 is receiving New Year’s invitation show from Hunan TV! Rep of Hunan TV said on Nov 19,2009 that SS501 will perform for their New Year Concert and it is also said that they will perform together with H4 from Chinese Version of Hanadan / BoF “Meteor Shower”.

Source : silk781220@sportschosun!

I was kinda confuse, since the news wrote F4 yet, they put pic of H4 and talks about Meteor Shower. If F4 then it’s Taiwan’s version right ? Maybe they wrote it wrong ~

  1. SSZA says:

    meteor shower???isn’t it meteor garden?or is it the chinese ver is different than the taiwan ver?

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