[Info] SS501 Kim Hyunjoong,”I’m fine with 14 years old older woman!”

Posted: November 26, 2009 in tv show
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Kim Hyunjoong sent a video letter to model Lee Sora in KBS “Happy Together 3” recording!

Kim Hyunjoong is sending a video message to model Lee Sora. Beforehand, Hyunjoong also gave a hint that this woman said that if she’s 10 years younger, she would have gone after him.

Kim Hyunjoong,” I met Lee Sora in 1 event.” Then the MCs asked, “What do you think about her?” Hyunjoong,”She’s tall and such an edgy woman”.

Then the MCs asked him to send a video message to her. Hyunjoong,”I am confuse how to call Lee Sora, is it Sunbae (senior) or Noona (older Sister)”, which of course creates laughter in the recording.

Hyunjoong,”Sora Noona, you are a role model to me, thank you and I really want to meet you.”

Then MC continues,”Really it’s okay with 14 years old age gap woman?”, then Hyunjoong gives a witty answered,” I am fine with a an older woman!” that of course creates another laughter.

In the show HJL is also asked about his experience in Boys over Flowers drama shooting and how MC Lee HyukJae also admits HJL skills in impersonating designer Andre Kim. Whilst Kyujong shared a story regarding his Jeolla Dialect experience.

KBS “Happy Together3” with SS501 can be seen on Nov 26,2009 broadcast at 11.15 pm.

Source is 차연 sunshine@newsen!

So, this is a reply to Lee Sora after her previous statement in MBC ‘Come to play’

that she would gone after HJL if she was 10 years younger *lol*

Hyunjoong-aa, if ure fine with a noona, come to me then ^^

  1. Soin says:

    cheers for all the noonas !!! including me
    ahh i miss Hwangbo unnie

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