[Info] SS501 Persona Concert in Bangkok Jan 9,2010 (Tickets, Seating Info, etc.)

Posted: November 24, 2009 in Event
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They change the date of the concert and released the concert details! Read away!

Update as per Feb 12, 2010!

[info/pic] ss501 schedule in bangkok for feb 12-13,2010! photo at hotel is added!

Update as per Feb 11,2010!

For SS501 schedule in Bangkok from Korean site isplus click here

For Meet&Greet details and Flight Arrival click here

Update as per Feb 6,2010!

For Meet&Greet Lucky Draw Winner click here

Update as per Feb 1,2010 !

For Bangkok Press Conference Info click here

For SS501 Hotel in Bangkok click here

SS501 the 1st Asia Tour Persona in Bangkok

Date : January 9th,2010 (Sat) It is changed into Feb 13,2010 now >.< details here

Show Time : 19.00 pm. – 21.00 pm.

Venue : Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani

Organizer : Do Concert

Ticket Price :
THB 5,500 (VIP seat) / THB 4,500 (standing) / THB 4,500 (seat) /
THB 3,500 (seat) / THB 2,000 (seat) / THB 800 (seat)

Label : DSPmedia (Thailand)

Priority Booking : November 21st – 24th , 2009 (www.dspent-thailand.com)

Public Sale : December 2nd  , 2009 Onwards

Ticketing Hotline : (66)8-6320-2579

Ticketing Website : www.totalreservation.com

Box Office : Total Reservation Box Office
Call Center (66)2-833-5555

Reservation Branch :

1. IMPACT Muang Thong Thani , Food Atrium, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani
2. The Emporium, 3rd floor, near the elevator and internet café zone
3. Siam Paragon, Ground floor, next to Customer Relation counter
4. BTS Mochit Station, opposite Oishi Express
5. BTS Victory Monument Station, near the walkway to Century The Movie Plaza
6. The Mall Thaphra, 1st floor, Car Park Side
7. The Mall Bangkae, 2nd floor, opposite DTAC Shop
8. The Mall Ngamwongwan, 1st floor, near Se-Ed Book center
9. The Mall Ramkhamhaeng, 1st floor, at the Event Hall 1 opposite Standard Chartered Bank
10. The Mall Bangkapi, 2nd floor, near Siam Commercial Bank

Enquiry :

thx Saran for the tip ^^

Source : Do Concert[Details]+DSP Thailand [Seating Plan]

  1. […] SS501 under DSP Media (Thailand) Co., Ltd has their comeback with gorgeous concert in Thailand. Do Concert Co., Ltd is ready for holding the first official concert, “SS501 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA in Bangkok”, on January 17, 2010 for 2 hours. The official ticket sales will be announced to Triple S soon. Update : date changes into Jan 9, details here […]

  2. 07Marvis says:

    hi, how come for singapore the schedule still not out. I worry I will miss it.

    • Imuyachan says:

      i hv no idea why it’s not out yet..the news always mentioned Spore as one of their stops in next year concert schedule..but, no details regarding it being released yet >.< me also cannot wait T_T i won't be missing the info since i will go to their Spore concert too since it's the closest from my country ^^

  3. Ticket available at Total Reservation


    Direct Link to Booking

  4. Nayomii says:

    wow january -.-? my school started already :\ i am probably waiting for them to come Singapore ^^
    sigh.. no news of when they coming? anticipating ^^ hope they come soon! Cause it impossible for me to fly to thailand during school period T_T

  5. Praew says:

    how long has it been on sale????

  6. Praew says:

    *damn* the VIP tickets r sold out! hey, do u get anything special for VIP seats?

  7. Praew says:

    YES! i am :)))
    FINALLY my mum let me
    i was like moping around all miserable the whole day
    [im usually a really talkative, lively, crazy and retarded person]
    and i didnt really tlk to anyone [which is RARE]
    and after i like begged her and like cried like hell
    she let me
    IM SO HAPPY NOWWW :))))) ❤

    • Imuyachan says:

      yay ^^ congrats!! can u be my contributor for bangkok concert ? so i will put photos/video from concert taken by u n of course full credit to u 😀 let me know if ure willing to be my contributor ^^ if not let me know too..so i can figure out other person ^^ thx dearie ^^

      • Praew says:

        hey imuyachan,,,ive got some photos and some vids from the press conference at paragon today…
        its not tht good quality tho cos my camera is not like the pro one,,,
        and i was kinda really excited so its a bit shaky
        also i was standing on a chair at one point but told to get down so the vid got shaky
        oh and also i was watching them talk so at some points i forgot about the camera…
        i got a few photos tho,,,its not tht good so do u still want them?
        or do u hav another contributor? 🙂

      • Imuyachan says:

        hi dearie..yes I decided to have a fix contributor and there’s already a person fill the SG and Thailand country. yet, I always open for any Fan Share ^^ Can u share it with me? i will put credit to you of course.. but, I will categorize your photos as Fan Share , full credit goes to u. just e-mail me at : imuyachan@yahoo.com ^^ thx darling…

      • Praew says:

        okkk 🙂

  8. Praew says:

    ill try?
    cos like my camera isnt all tht good…XD
    ill try my bestt :)))
    dunno if ill get good seats or not tho…
    i really wanna see leader in real life,,,closelyyy :DD
    XD ❤

  9. Praew says:

    hey, do u know anything bout the concert plaN ? cos my friend sed when she went to watch SJ, there was a concert plan where it tells u which way which artist went…
    i really wanna no haha.
    and i cant seem to find it anywhere T^T
    u see, i think we r getting standing tickets so like if i stood in the wrong section, i might only get to see some of the members and not HJL. 😦
    darn. haha im so bad at these things…my first time going to a korean concert :O

    • Imuyachan says:

      really ? i dunno if concert will release such concert plan dearie *confuse* will inform if i found any info..

      • Praew says:

        my friend says there normally is…
        but some ppl knows like which artist goes which way bcos they always do
        like my friend, hu is xiah’s FC, she sed xiah always goes left [or smth], and she noes by watching many concerts…
        do u kno which way leader usually goes?
        pls tell me if u do 🙂
        [oh, and btw im getting standing tickets so if i video, it might not b so good XD,,,ill try my best taking photos tho :)]

      • Imuyachan says:

        ok, i will try get info from sumone whom i know went to their Taiwan concert..inform u the soonest…

  10. 3s manila says:

    Hope they get to add Manila on the list…oh please!!!!!

  11. Fishy says:

    Im going also. And have booked the standing ticket. If you look at the Seoul & Shanghai concert. KHJ & baby usually perform on the right side of the stage.
    YS & KJ is on the left. but of course they’ll move around and u get a little bit of everyone.

    Where ur going from?

  12. Imuyachan says:

    @praew: i send u message via instant messenger, plz check

  13. Praew says:

    THANKS 🙂
    ur the beeestt 😀
    hahaha ^^

  14. Fishy says:

    Yehhh S2. But u better ask imuyachan friend. he/she might know better since they went to the Taiwan one.

    And you better grab the tix quickly. before 15th Dec. because only those who bought tix before 15th are eligible to win the meet & greet pass.
    Arghh who doesnt want to see them clearly eye to eye.

    So yup. 5 days left to decide 😀

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi dearie..she hasn’t reply..but, as i see the fancams from Shanghai Concert, HJL was at the left side of the stage most of the songs..though he was at the right side of the stage at the concert opening…

      • Praew says:

        its ok ^^
        i decided to just go with da flow~~
        i bought S2 anyways 🙂
        YAY 😀
        i really really really really really really wanna meet n greet with SS501!! :O
        do u happen to kno the sponsors of the event? :S

      • Imuyachan says:

        hi darling..nope i don’t know the sponsor..didn’t the ticketing place or in the ticket u have purchased mentioned their sponsors? enjoy the concert ^^

      • Praew says:

        no,,, they didnt mention the sponsors
        so weird
        unless they only hav 2 sponsors: DSP media thailand and Do Concert
        darrnnn~ haha XD

  15. SSZA says:

    hi!i was just wondering,would it be better to buy the ticket for VIP seat or the standing ones?i mean,whts the difference between buying the ticket for VIP n the standing ones?if u purchase the standing ticket,wouldn’t u be nearer to the stage?

    • Imuyachan says:

      u better see which one nearer to the stage…n may i know who is ur favorite member so i can help u choosing which seat will be better to see ur favorite member one ^^

      • SSZA says:

        oh..my favourite member???hyun joong of course!hahahaha…fallen in luv with him the first time i saw him.i think most of us do! 🙂

      • Imuyachan says:

        haha..then I can tell that he’s in the left side of the stage more than the right side, though the the percentage will be around 60:40 to the left side of stage winning ^^ but, in the opening he’s is on the right side of stage. now, u know which side u shud buy rite ?

      • Praew says:

        ahh well, i already bought it…
        but as the comment above says,,, :O :O :O :O !!!
        why did they havta changeee!! T^T
        so eviiil D:<
        rawrrr. now i dunno if i can gooo!!
        and all that cryin and begging i went thruuuuu T^T
        chuuu~ T3T

      • Imuyachan says:

        too bad dearie…hope u can still go though..how r u ? long time not hearing from u here in this blog ^^

      • Praew says:

        yess,,,my mum has no problem with the date change,,,
        but my FRIEND has!!
        she has to choose between her drama trip [for IGCSE course, which she can also go next year but idk T^T] and the SS501 concert~
        and i cant go w/o her TT-TT
        life is so unfairrrrr~
        yeahh, i kno! i havent been on this blog for so long!!!
        i just came back from chiangrai actually, on a school residential.
        and also too much work when school starts. WAAH.
        once again, life is so unfair. XD

      • Imuyachan says:

        waw..too bad dearie….hope ur friend can go so u can go Y_Y sorry to hear that..gluck with schools ^^

      • Praew says:

        im dyinggg nowww~
        i think my friend is going to the drama trip…T^T
        cos its like 30% of her IGCSE thingyyyy~
        altho she CUD go next year, but she doesnt want to cos she says its during mock exams timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
        now i hav no idea if i can go or notttt TT-TT
        i wishwishwishwishwishwishwishwishwishwishwishwish that i can gooooo~
        just thinking about it makes me sad 😦 and tear up too. this IS SO SAD : (((( !!
        anywhoo~ thankiess imuyachan. 😀 gluck with ur radio show too ^^

      • tatavita says:

        Hi Praew nice to meet u ^^..Btw are u Thailand citizen? May I know u which ticket did u buy for Persona? If we have same ticket maybe we can watching together ^^..btw am Indonesian ^^

      • Praew says:

        ooo hi!
        soz for the really late reply…
        i havent been on this blog for ages due to my school work T^T
        [sorry imuyachan hehe ^^]

        uhhmm,, yes, im a thai citizen…
        i bought the standing ticket… S2 🙂
        it wud b nice 2 hav someone 2 talk to!! 😀
        yayy! haha ^^

        so sadd tho T^T !!
        i didnt get the meet n greet thingyy TT-TT
        oh well, i hope i get better luck next time they comeeee! ❤
        cya thereee 😀

      • tatavita says:

        Oh so u wont go to their concert? Me too didnt win meet & greet hiks, or maybe u will stalking SS when they’re in ur country ^^?

      • Praew says:

        i am going to da concert 🙂
        i WANT to stalk them!
        but unfortunately, i’m still 14 and its kinda hard to go to places without my parents’ permission,,,
        and also some1 to go with me
        my parents r kinda stricttt…sooo…
        i might go to paragon on fridayyy

  16. SSZA says:

    left side of the stage is s2 rite???well,actually i’m not going to the concert in bangkok.i’m going to the malaysia one…thanx for the info though.later when the seating plan for the concert in malaysia is released,i’ll buy it the soonest!hahahahahha…thanx again!! 🙂

  17. ss501lover says:

    how about in malaysia?

  18. nang says:

    hi, can u tell me dat is all da tickets gone??? … i wanna buy too … i wanna c my favourite member very very very very close …. i wish my mum let me go there …. which ticket must i buy if i wanna c my favourite member??? standing ticket or VIP ticket ???

    • Imuyachan says:

      about the ticket availability u need to contact the organizer directly dear.. i have no idea regarding the ticket status..n ’bout ur favorite member..u can watch their previous concert and see which side ur favorite member usually stands 😀 gluck ^^

  19. Kimz says:

    Hi Imuyachan! i tot u’ll go for concert inS’pore..? my fren Soin told me 🙂
    if u come then we can support together! ^^
    anyway, i’m going to watch both in Bkk & S’pore hehe.. lol

    oh.. btw, they have ‘meet&greet’ withSS501 in Bkk??? huh? how?
    anybody can share the details? 😉

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi dearie..so ure Soin’s friend? ^^ i planned to go to Spore / Msia concert…which one cheaper haha ^^ if i go to Spore, let’s cheer together of course ^^ yes they have meet n greet..will share u the details..i shall look for it first..i didn’t post it coz i thought the organizer will share u the details on their site ?

    • Imuyachan says:

      darling..i think u need to buy the ticket b4 dec 15 in order to get the chance to win the meet n greet ticket…so, i think it’s too late already..didn’t the ticket box informed u ’bout this? they shud informed it >.< or anyone like praew or fishy who will go to BKK concert can share details? plz help..thx b4

      • Praew says:

        yea, u havta buy the ticket b4 15th dec… sozzz~
        sorry for da late reply,,,i was in chiangmai XDXD
        now i dont kno if i can ggoooooooo WAAAAH T^T

  20. SSZA says:

    hellooooo…commenting from indonesia rite now!hahaha.. 🙂 yeah,i’m from malaysia.but i’m confused rite now,cuz i went to this random website n they said the concert in msia is gonna be on jan 30th.oh yeah,one more thing.the price for the concert ticket is different in various countries,is it? 🙂 cuz i actually convert thai baht n taiwan currency to ringgit msia,n the VIP tickets are like 500++.hmmphh..

    • Imuyachan says:

      yes, the ticket price is vary in every country. i have not heard ’bout the msia schedule..but, i will try to seek info ’bout that now ^^ ure in Indonesia? in what occasion ? are u in Jakarta ? let’s meet up ^^ i live here ^^

  21. SSZA says:

    hi!yeah,i’m in indonesia rite now.gonna be back in msia this monday.i came here for my sis’s graduation.but i’m not in jakarta.i’m at makassar rite now ^^ if u’re going to the msia concert.then maybe we can meet up there 🙂

  22. fizz says:

    erm….I’m trying to buy the tickets online & since I’m from Singapore….is there an English for those info?
    Ugh why do they postpone to 13th Feb which a Lunar New Year???!!!!grrrrrrrr!

    • Imuyachan says:

      i know..it’s such a bad news for most of us >.< i don't think they have english site for bangkok concert dearie..try to e-mail them in english..i think they can reply…thx 4 coming…

  23. helen says:

    any chance of asking SS501 to change the date again for the concert in Bangkok. 13feb is not fair to the chinese supporter as they are unable togo for the concert.hopefuly they look at all these blog and change to a better date.

  24. dzura says:

    hi..i just checked the impact arena muang thong thani website…well according to the event list posted on the site..SS501’s concert is on 9 jan…well i bet an international website should show latest update right…check this out http://www.impact.co.th/

  25. tatavita says:

    Imuya or somebody here can tell me how to buy ticket for Persona Bangkok, I havent booked ticket online, so this is my first time will booked online, so anybody can help me how to booked that?? I’m Indonesian and someone said if we want to booked the ticket we shud as Thailand citizenship, is that true? And after we booked the ticket when we will collect that?
    Btw though I love all the members but I’m more into Kyu ^^, so which ticket I shud buy is it S1 or S2 ^^??
    Thanks ^^

  26. khj forever says:

    I just can’t wait for the Singapore concert!!!!

  27. khj forever says:

    am having a problem buying the ticket from the website.. need to open an account but its only for the Thai’s only.. BUMMER!!!!

  28. tatavita says:

    Imuyachan do u know in which hotel will SS stay in Bangkok for Persona Concert? I already got the ticket concert & now am trying to be at the same hotel with SS in Bangkok, so do u have any info where will SS stay? Oh and when will SS arrived in Bangkok & leaving Bangkok (I mean what time they will arrive in Bangkok & leaving Bangkok and what flight are they taking?) Thanks Imuyachan ^^

  29. Nest says:

    Changes changes changes all the time – -‘

  30. Dara says:

    when is their concert in malaysia will be confirmed..?
    my mum just bought two super show 2 vip tickets fr my sis & i
    so i guess i need to start saving some money fr ss501 concert
    please inform me asap. thanks (:

    • Imuyachan says:

      darling, i think u missed the news in my blog, i already informed u that their bangkok concert will be the last place in overseas, after that the boys will do concert in Korea. so, that means, they won’t come to other countries including Malaysia ..at least for now.

  31. Praew says:

    DAMN! i was on the wrong sidee!
    leader only went to S1 T^T
    except at the endddd T^T
    …but he did look at me for a fraction of a second!! thts good enuf i guess!
    but kyu!! kyu was ttly on our sideee! he pointed n smiled at me n my friend!
    and he also touched my friend’s hand! damn alex! [my friend] his arms were longer than mine -0- !!
    it seems like a dream now T^T
    miss SS5011111 😦

  32. Hedieh says:

    Wow ,is was pertty.Ilove SS501

  33. gina says:


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