[Goods] SS501 “FIVE Men’s FIVE Years in 2005-2009” DVD Released this coming Dec 1st!

Posted: November 24, 2009 in goods, Uncategorized

So, the DVD will be released on Dec 1st,2009! Yet, the details are out ^^

Description from YesAsia below !

SS501 – MBC Collection (3DVD + Photobook + Poster In Tube) (English Subtitled) (Korea Version)

A must-have for SS501 fans, the limited edition three-disc SS501 MBC Collection compiles footage of the hot K-pop group’s appearances on MBC since their 2005 debut. Disc 1 contains MBC’s history of SS501 documentary, which covers footage from debut to present and includes narration and interviews with members. This disc also features SS501 highlight clips from MBC programs including Happy Time, Thanks For Waking Me Up, Come To Play, Fantasy Partner, We Got Married, Entertainment Plus, Radio Star, Quiz to Change the World, Introducing Star’s Friend, Man Won Happiness, Cheerful Hero, and Star Special. Disc 2 collects SS501’s performances including hit singles, live footage, and music program appearances. Disc 3 is an up-close documentary of the group’s five-day trip to Malaysia including fan meeting sketch and member interviews.

This English-subtitled edition comes with a 100-page photobook and a rolled poster shipped separately in a protective cardboard tube. Poster and DVD shipments may arrive at different times.

Release Date : Dec 1st,2009

Content : 3DVDs+Photobook

Price : US$54.99

Buy it via YesAsia here

  1. SSZA says:

    OH GOD!!now i’m torn between buying the rebirth special edition album or the dvds.arrgggghh…:s HELP ME CHOOSE!!!

  2. Rachel says:

    hi, tis is a respond to the post tittled:
    [Goods] SS501 “FIVE Men’s FIVE Years in 2005-2009″ DVD Released this coming Dec 1st.

    juz want to noe if this disc/album of SS501 will be release in Singapore and if it is going be released in Singapore, when will the date be?
    juz 1 more question nt concerning the post,
    will SS501 have a concert in Singapore next yr or when?
    thank you

    • Imuyachan says:

      emm, i don’t know whether this will be released in Spore stores or not..but u can try to check Gmarket Spore or HMV for that ..since those 2 are always sell SS501 CDs ^^ about the concert, they still have not released the info, i will inform the soonest it is out 😀 thx 4 coming darling ^^

      • soin says:

        @ Rachel…
        HMV & Gramophone have their album ‘Rebirth’ both Special Edition and normal edition
        but i’m not sure if they’re gonna bring in ‘5 men 5 years’ ^_^

        Hi Imuyachan — we’ll meet for sure if u come to SG !!
        …now i made a decision to come back and try to complete my work for their Feb concert
        (i hope, i pray, hardest)
        but we haven’t heard anything abt M’sia concert, have we?

        cant wait for the DVD >__<

      • Imuyachan says:

        yup, latest info only their January Bangkok concert >.< i do hope we hear about their Msia , Spore nor Indonesia concert the soonest *prays*

      • Kelly Koh says:

        im going to bkk in march… any idea if i can get their CDs / DVDs there… n between u know anything about their persona conert? is it out?

        waiting for your soonest reply 😉

      • Imuyachan says:

        SS501 will be having their Persona Concert in Bangkok on Feb 13 dear…details here

      • Kelly Koh says:

        aiya… im going in mar… shit… i miss their BKK concert. will u be going? by e way u from?

      • Kelly Koh says:

        yalor me too… tell you hor, i aldy bought their 5m5y online… cant wait to get it man. keke.

      • Rachel says:

        sure thank you very much!

  3. mumumi says:

    can you explain to me bout this web.?

  4. KaYee says:

    I WAN IT!!! Malaysia…Gaya Island!!!
    Aww…MY COUNTRY!! =O
    I wanna buy IT..!! haha…LOL…
    sorry…IM A BIT HIGH anyway…
    THX for ur information..^^
    I LOVE ur blog..=P

    • KaYee says:

      EXCUSE ME…
      hmm…do u know wat’s the DIFFERENT between Taiwan version n Korean version…
      AND…one of them is RM180+ n another one is RM300+..
      Isnt IT the Deluxe version is out from Korean or Taiwan…
      IM reli CONFUSE…
      HELP ME! =P haha…THanks!

      • Imuyachan says:

        i don’t think there’s any differences, i think it’s only a matter of they also released the album in taiwan n released by Warner Music Taiwan since it’s actually only for Korea’s market in the first place..but, i will try to look for any differences n let u know if i found any ^^

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi KaYee ^^ thx 4 coming ^^

  5. A says:

    does this come with english sub??

  6. ilovemal says:

    to rachel, you can order thru yesasia, u must have a credit card of course, hehe, and it will only take 1 week of waiting!

    • Imuyachan says:

      @Rachel : see, u can order via YA darling ^^ used ur mom credit card if u don’t have one..the procedure is so easy ^^ happy shopping ^^
      @ilovemal : thx 4 sharing the info darling ^^

  7. ilovemal says:

    i think the only difference with 5m5y dvd taiwan and korea is the poster, the korean version comes with a folded poster but with eng. sub, the taiwan version’s poster is in a tube container and its more expensive than the korean version, and i think there’s no eng. sub on the taiwan version

  8. jnyin says:

    is this dvd released already in malaysia?

  9. grace says:

    hi..is the photo book the same for both the taiwanese and korean version?

  10. eugene says:

    I just bought one last week. This is a great gift for SS501’s fans. I believe that every fan must have these DVDs just i am. From this, i know more about 5 of them and love them more than before. Highly recommended!!!

  11. Kelly Koh says:

    Hi, I’m a big fan of SS501

    “FIVE Men’s FIVE Years in 2005-2009″ DVD Released this coming Dec 1st.

    juz want to noe if this disc/album of SS501 will be release in Singapore and if it is going be released in Singapore, when will the date be?

    thank you.

    waiting for your soonest reply.

  12. Praew says:

    omg!! uber wanttt!!!
    nowww! T^T
    i wish i cud use my money more freelyyyy~
    mum keeps all my money in da bank,,,so i nvr get to use it w/o asking her first.
    even for small things like birthday presentssss

  13. Kelly Koh says:

    yeah… im waiting forward for them to come singapore… cant wait to see them in real person *winks*

  14. Janel says:

    LoL :)) I bought the Rebirth Special Edition Album [the one w/ the yellow flip diary] and this :)) eng. ver. 😉 they’re both awesome :>

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