What’s Inside SS501 Special Edition ‘REBIRTH’ Mini Album?

Posted: November 23, 2009 in review
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A nice k-blogger named Seo HyeRin share us her ‘REBIRTH’ Special Edition Mini Album!

Take a look to see what’s inside ^^

Buy REBIRTH Special Edition via YesAsia here

  1. radicalkach says:

    heyhey! do u noe where to get this special edition CD???
    this edition is released to which countries?

  2. SSZA says:

    hye! 🙂 i was just wondering will yesasia still be selling n sending the special edition album to overseas triple s fans?

  3. i don’t know the content is that great..
    i really want that one!!
    still yesasia sell that album to overseas buyer??

  4. mumumi says:

    i’ve got it..
    such an awesome album.
    different than other artist
    what inside the rebirth normal edition?

  5. ss501lover says:

    Where r u get it ??
    give me know please….

  6. QBchi says:

    i saw tat album in SPEEDY..LEISURE MALL CHERAS><
    it cost around RM 299.00 @@
    expensive!! bt i think i wil hav it!!

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