[Report] SS501 for NongShim Love Sharing Concert 11.22.2009{Warning:HeavyImage}

Posted: November 23, 2009 in Event, photo spread
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As I already informed, there’s no Inki Gayo stagey and SBS held NongShim Love Sharing Concert in replace!

SS501 performed too ^^ Looking good as always ^^ Yet, YS mic isn’t good again >.<

Our boys are being such a nice sunbae when they let their hoobae Rainbow to stand in front of them during the all star stagey ^^ Speaking about DSP Family ^^

I watched this online yesterday n I already get the HD vids , yet, Youtube is always put my video in error mode, that’s why I use other uploader video for now >.<


thx to shirley (shirbogurl2)

Photos from event!

Bonus : Pic during rehearsal ^^


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