[Info] SS501 Leader Hyunjoong for Swine Flu Prevention Campaign Song!

Posted: November 21, 2009 in tv show
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SS501 leader Kim Hyunjoong (HJL) who recently down to swine flu  will perform a Swine Flu Prevention Campaign Song with fellow singer SHINee and T-ara!

HJL,” When I heard I was infected I was scared and surprises, but everything is stable and I am healed now. Don’t be afraid and wash your hands often as prevention.”

HJL will cover a song titled ‘Sone sonjapgo’ a.k.a ‘Hand in Hand’ by group Koreana (which is also the theme song for Seoul Olympics 1988), yet, HJL and his fellow singers will change the title into ‘Sone son ssitgo’ a.k.a ‘Hand Wash’ and they will do it in acapella.

His performance for this swine Flu Campaign Song can be seen via SBS Star King show on Nov 21,2009-6.30 pm local time.

Source : hankyung

This is only for one of the Star King segment ^^

And, here’s the original song by Koreana!

thx to jeongjeong

  1. soin says:

    it’s gonna be cute of him doing this…^ ^
    dunno why–but i love when he keeps saying to others to wash the hands

    i hope everyone is safe from this disease

    now i am so confused about their Bangkok concert T__T
    it’s really hard for me…since i have to come back to SG…
    heartbreaking~ T__T that’s my homecountry…

    • Imuyachan says:

      yup ^^ me too..when he says that with his 4D expression is so cute ^^ when r u going back to Spore ? can’t u watch the concert 1st? I will be going to their Spore/Msia/Indonesia’s concert..between those 3 >.<

      • soin says:

        T___T yes i have a submission work on both Jan and Feb… and i’m gonna try to finish my things soo i can fully spend time for them when they come to SG in Feb
        oh how i wanna here them saying hello in Thai so bad ….

        i’m thinking’ of Msia concert as well…
        hope the info comes out soon
        oh and they are on cover of Asta mag. (Korean Mag.) it’s on Kino’s shelf !!

      • Imuyachan says:

        if we go to the same concert let’s meet up then since i planned to meet sum of Triple S Spore too ^^ it’s on Kino’s shelf ? ok^^ I wonder whether Kino in my town has it or not ^^ i usually bought Asta from internet ^^

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