[info] SS501 for NongShim Love Concert and Women’s HandBall Competition!

Posted: November 21, 2009 in English
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Ok, few updates, just in case u didn’t visit their schedule page nor ure not following me in Twitter ^^ Read away!

1.This Sunday (Nov 22) , there will be no Inki Gayo stagey and in replace they will have “2009 NongShim Love Sharing Concert” same time as Inki Gayo-live on SBS TV and Our boys will be there as well!

2. And SS501 will also perform in SK International Women’s handball GrandPrix. The event is from Nov 27-29,2009! The boys will be either in day 1 or Day 3, DSP hasn’t put this on their official schedule, will inform u the soonest!

3. Another update is, I told u earlier about how our boys are divided into 2 groups for SBS Strong Heart , the 2nd group shud be JM n HJB, yet, latest update is HJL is also joining the 2 for 2nd shooting ! So, we will be seeing HJL in those 2 eps!

4. If u see their SOHU interview (Shanghai Concert Interview), Kyu mentioned how HJB already finished his drama shooting, so I guess we will be expecting his drama ‘Superstar’ to aired the soonest ^^

5. Just in case u didn’t follow me in Twitter, last time, I tweet on how the news about HJL will be in a movie is a FALSE NEWS since the production house of the movie already came out w/ statement that HJL participation news is wrong.

6. This week, SS501 will be in 3 music shows : MuBank, MuCore and NongShim Concert (in replace of InkiGayo)

Keep loving the boys n please check their Schedule Page regularly ^^ Coz sumtimes, I added new activites without translating from a news n just reading it from their official site ^^




  1. A says:

    wow! They are so busy!!!
    Hope they are taking good care of themselves!!

  2. kmrtky72 says:

    ohh, leader paticipates in 2 sbs strong heart shows, so happy for this news!
    thanks a lot for ur blog and update news,
    keep supporting for our 5 princes,
    we r stilling watching for their coming excitement activities…..

  3. […] I already informed u previously that SS501 will perform in SK International Women’s handball GrandPrix. It is said it will be either on Nov 27 / Nov 29 together with SHINee and Wheesung as other […]

  4. dashne says:

    hi? im dashne im from kurdistan and kurdish in iraq ilove you korean and ss501 loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you bye bye

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