[Info] SS501 Kim Hyungjoon,” Please support U-KISS!”

Posted: November 17, 2009 in Event, fancam, mv
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SS501 magnae Kim Hyungjoon turned into a big brother for his younger bro Kibum of U-KISS.

Hyungjoon who just arrived from  Shanghai  directly paid a surprise visit for his brother Kibum at U-KISS Autograph Signing event on Nov 15,2009 at Samsungdong COEX – KangNamgu, Seoul.The fans didn’t expect him to come, so when he came the crowd was shock (in a good way).

U-KISS who recently comeback with their newest mini album CONTI U-KISS with single title ‘man man ha ni’ has been well received by the public.

FanCam of HJB attendance at the event!

HJB says:

“Hello everyone, please always love U-KISS!”

or u can translate into :

“Hello everyone, please always support U-KISS!”

I ❤ this brotherhood relationship ^^

Though the 2 are from different agency yet HJB always support his bro.

He also gave a surprise visit when U-KISS performed in Japan for the 1st time.

And I am so amazed with these 2 brothers’ resemblance ^^

It is widely known that Triple S Korea is also supporting U-KISS!

So, let’s do the same ^^

Just in case u missed it, here’s U-KISS Music Core stagey for “Man man ha ni”!

Photos from event!

U-KISS fighting!!

Source : Nate[news]+shirbogurl[FanCam]+nhacloadtest[Vid]

  1. Soin says:

    ^__^ so cute !!
    yey me too—it’s like we can pick Hyunjun from SS501 and pick Kibum from U-Kiss without even have to tell us which members are siblings, right?

    i think their voice also are similar

    the fans were sooo lucky, they got to meet their beloved U-Hiss plus a big bonus our Magnae (who has become a big bro in that event ^^)

    thank u Imuyachan..

  2. mutia says:

    i love ukiss . .

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