SS501 HyunSaengKyu Student Photos!

Posted: November 16, 2009 in photo spread
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Recently, SS501 Hyunjoong, Youngsaeng and Kyujong student photos are circulating around the internet!

I have seen these pics before, that’s why I dunno why those Korean sites (or k-netizen) decide to brought these pics up again! Our boys looked great back then, of course now they looked even better ^^ Well, they were students at that time (with no stylist, no make-up artist whatsoever), and trust me, nobody loves their school’s time pics (including me).

I don’t want those few negative comments from k-netizen ruined my mood (and yours) so I decide to NOT post the comments here!

And one comment from me is : our boys looked great NOW and THEN ^^

Source : 송승은 기자 press@tvdaily

  1. A says:

    They look really cute back then!!!

  2. soin says:

    ^__^ thank u for the post…
    yeaa it’s quite a longgggg… while ago right ?? actually with Jungmin’s & Magnae’s
    me too i think they just look like they were and they are…of course not exactly the same …
    people grow up right ?? ^^

    i also laughed over my own old pics and even refuse to let others see it…haha

    anyway i love u, guys !!!
    our SS501 mansae !!!

  3. kmrtky72 says:

    Don’t care!
    Not much different ! still cute and charm in my vision,
    can see their shinning futures in their eyes since young
    love them whenever and forever,

  4. sofie kim says:

    yup . that’s rite . they really look charming .

  5. velvet says:

    HEO SAENG is SOOOOOO CUTE now and then
    i love him sooooo much and kyu jong looks sooo hot

  6. marr891 says:

    i’m totally agree with u ! (:

  7. NADIA says:

    very interesting!!!!

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