[TV] SS501 in Star Golden Bell 11.14.2009 {ENG}

Posted: November 15, 2009 in tv show
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SS501 appeared in KBS Star Golden Bell on Nov 14,2009 – Episode 261!

The boys talked about various things : HJL undress sleeping habit (again???), Hongkong incident and how Youngsaeng considered the so called Hongkong newspaper (with their{+women} photo in cover) as a ‘Souvenir’ in the end, the reason why Jungmin goes with bangs is simply to look younger ^^ Kyu who came with his puppy doll ❤ and see how the boys serenade their sunbae SES ‘Shoo’ in the show.

I summarized SS501 parts from Korean News – yet, I haven’t watch the videos >.< I’m so tired, maybe I will watch it tomorrow, so I can give u girls a “per part summary” ^^

Enjoy Photos and Videos from the show!!


Bonus : Video with Sub (only few parts though)

Super funny ^^

The Videos!

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Source : newsen[KoreanSummary]+iBreatheLifeMusic[EngSubsVid]+TessieLoves1[BonusEngSubVid]

  1. Soin says:

    Awww Kyu was so cute here ^__^ and his little puppy …
    heard that they challenged over Porno. movie haha that’s hillarious !!
    oh and now Leader’s way of sleeping was mentioned again ???
    i htink now ppl all over Korea must know how does Kim Hyun Joong sleep, don’t they ? ^^

    thank you Imuyachan for the updates..

  2. Vleese says:

    (again)… ^^;

    this one episode?

    since there’s somany episode

  3. ::koreanlover:: says:

    kyu-jong so cute! hyun-joong very hansome! ss501, hwaiting!

  4. akri says:

    plese reup them!!

  5. johind says:

    annyonghseyo…..why i can’t wath those videos …..heeelp…..gomawo.

    moroccan girl

  6. NADIA says:

    dear hyun joong
    I give you my heart, forever
    You take my breath away
    You are always on my mind
    My heart belongs to you
    I need you, now…..

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