[Info] SS501 Leader Hyunjoong is Audience’s Most Popular Icon in SIA 2009!

Posted: November 12, 2009 in Event, video
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+SS501 HJL_111109_SIA

I know many blogger has been reporting this weeks ago, yet, at that time the voting isn’t closed yet, so, to avoid any future mistake, I prefer to wait until they held the event and announced it officially ^^

SS501 leader Hyunjoong has captured the heart of the voter and wins the Audience’s Most Popular Icon award.

The -oh so stylish- event “Style Icon Awards” (SIA) is held on Nov 11,2009 at Namsan N Tower-Seoul at 8 pm onwards.

Kim Hyunjoong is Audience’s Most Popular Icon as he gets the highest voting numbers from  all candidates.

Kim Hyunjoong,” This is such a challenge for me, yet, I am so happy to receive this award. From now on, I will work even harder.”

HJL acceptance speech video!

Kyaaaaaa, that LUCKY lil’ girl gets kiss from our HJL *envy mode on* haha ^^

Bonus : FanCam from the event (WARNING :HIGH LEVEL HANDSOMENESS)

Can anyone let me faint..he’s superrrr handsomeeeeeeee ❤

Congrats to our Leader HJ ^^

  1. temkaSS says:

    ~~congratulate to HJL
    ~~ <3!

  2. Quynh says:

    hey imuyachan 🙂
    i was wondering if you know when the guys will be leaving for shanghai. there concert is this weekend right? we haven’t heard much about them leaving to prep at the venue


  3. Soin says:

    she really IS sooo lucky !!
    …awww leader totally agree with “high level of handsomeness” keke
    congrats Hyunjoongah~
    and hav a super great concert !!!!

    thank u Imuyachan !

  4. Vleese says:

    KYYYAAAAAAAAA……… eventhough she’s just a lil girl but…. makes me envious ….

    • Imuyachan says:

      hahahaha..i was like..don’t u dare to kiss our leader..thou ur a lil girl i will not hesitate to kidnap u n locked u somewhere out there *lol* yet, she did it >.< hehe…

  5. temkaSS says:

    ~~I jealous that girl kkk…
    ~~I agree super handsome <<<3

  6. DNA-a says:

    I wanna be that girl

  7. yana says:

    congratulation also to HJL….

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