[TV] SS501 in KBS Champagne 11.07.2009

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I only summarize SS501 parts ^^

Happy Watching!!

part 1

as always, they ask HJL ’bout the swine flu

*lol* as Shin Bong-sun unnie who suddenly touch HJL forehead *lol*

HJL explains ’bout his illness back then.

JM explains that HJL might get infected when he was in Malaysia

(due to tight schedule: Malaysia-Japan-Korea).

HJB said that he worried him also n texted him to asked whether he’s okay or not.

HJL replied, “D’u want to know his text message content? Only  2 syllables! Gwenchanya?”

(means: are you okay?)

Again magnae is bullied by his hyungs *lol*

HJL’s pic with his hyung is so ❤

part 2

Kyu’s Family Pic ^^ Good gene does run in the family of our kyujong ^^

Magnae pic with his dongsaeng (younger bro) U-KISS Kibum

when asked who’s more handsome between u two by mc

HJB answered that he’s more handsome a little bit than his dongsaeng *lol*

Then they asked to do aegyo aka acting cute!

Leader was doin’ the most common gesture as in cute action

that’s why all member was like “What the..”

*lol* at Kyu’s ^^

Jungmin is so idea-less haha, copying Kyu’s *lol*

Youngsaeng is so cute *he’s good at this indeed*

yet, Magnae’s is like flirting gesture instead of Acting cute *but I ❤ it* hehe 😀

as guessed Jungmin’s aegyo is not getting the ladies approval *lol*

Then the game continues to “Impersonations”

Magnae does Bobby Kim’s voice

then magnae tries to impersonate Han Seokkyu yet it didn’t work *lol*

then he impersonate Bobby Kim again to win the girls’ heart *lol*

Omo, magnae is super cute here ^^

Then YS try to do Kang Jihwan’s ^^

Kyu is doin’ Kim Jongkook’s

*lol* at his voice setting at first ^^

Part 3

HJL says that the voice is so high (what he impersonated) *lol*

Kyujong failed this one..

yet, he still try to win their heart n start to sing *lol*

Then, they need to do serenade scene ^^

Magnae does his serenade to Jessica

then YS does his to MC Shin Bong-sun

when leader’s turn he wrongly says the lyrics

he sings “Neon naege”

instead of “Nan naege”

it ruins the whole lyrics *lol*

Magnae failed this round

next, round is they dance for the ladies..

Youngsaeng-ee does ‘Gee’ with Jessica

HJL dance smexily ❤

Omo, it’s been a while since he dance like this

yet, the small space & carpet forbid him to dance freely

leader wins the round ^^

Then BoF video is played, the scene is from beach kissing scene with Geum Jandi

*lol* at Hyunjoong’s reaction *lol*

then he does the same scene with Lee Honey *i don’t like this LOL*

then Kyu does the scene with Shin Bong sun *lol*

I always laugh everytime I see her ^^ she’s so funny

then she asked a kiss from Kyu,  then Kyu rejects strongly *lol*

Part 4

YS says that HJL is B type man.

Strong words n directly speaks out his mind.


MC says that when a girl asked to break up with him then

HJL will directly answered “Ok. Let’s do it.”

Then MC Bongsun asked, what woman’s moment (scene) that they love to see ?

HJL,”When a woman looking at mirror and does her hair.”

MC Bongsun directly does the scene *lol*

JM, “When a woman wears a V neck top.”

They will carefully sit and bows.

While HJB loves when woman in swimming suit.

Magnae loves it especially when they use pink color.

MC,”one piece or bikini?”


HJL,” D’u want to see Girl idol’s wearing bikini?”

HJB cudn’t answer that Q ^^

Then next Q is The Dirtiest Member?

all member choose Jungmin-ee.

In 2006 , JM kept Ramyeon in a drawer inside his room

JM,”I kept it yet I planned to eat it”.

Then MC asked ’bout HJL undress sleeping habit.

HJL always sleep undress bcoz he said that he always having nightmare

whenever he puts his clothes on while sleeping.

Jessica says that she’s also oftenly having night mares

and MC Bongsun,”Jessica, u shud try Hyunjoong’s way.”

then, Champagne Highlight

HJL need to choose woman from 2pics  given


*Confuse mode on*

one is his ultimate woman idol-other is his made believe wife in WGM

he choose Hyori unni in the end ^^

*lol* HJB confuse why HJL chose Uee over Shinhye *lol*

HJL,”Maybe we shud put him in this spot ..?” *lol*

Part 5

Part 6

heads up to moleqre


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