[FanCam] SS501 in KBS Star Golden Bell Recording 11.09.2009

Posted: November 10, 2009 in fancam
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The boys went on recording on Nov 9,2009!

According to the official schedule, it shud be all 5 boys in this show

yet, why I only see 3 of them ?

5 of them were there

yet they split into 2 rows ^^

Anyway, here are fanCams from it!


HJL, Kyu n YS in the recording

On 2:02 HJL seemed to hurt his feet ?

*lol* HJL was like dancing for the fans ^^

Focus in Magnae HJB

Audio : Magnae sings So Sick from Music High Radio ^^

I ❤ his English accent ^^

I swear that this boy is getting hotter n hotter everytime I see him ❤

heads up to shirbogurl

  1. Vleese says:

    do you know the episode of this star golden bell?
    i’m searching all the star golden bell with their as the guess..

    • Imuyachan says:

      this is the newest episode that featured SS501 as u can see from the recording date. other episode, i need to flashback my memory since star golden bell has a lot of eps 😀 this newest eps shud be aired this Sat in Korea, so it will be in KBS World around 2 weeks afterwards…

  2. Quynh says:

    imuyachan 🙂
    all 5 boys were there

    if you want pics of maknae and mal SS501UFO has them
    here’s the link : http://ss501ufo.blogspot.com/2009/11/photo-ss501-star-golden-bell-filming.html

  3. A says:

    where can i get this version of baby singing So-Sick???

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