[Info] SS501 Leader Hyunjoong is Kim YuNa big fan and who is the worst member when drinking together!

Posted: November 7, 2009 in tv show



+SS501 appeared in SBS 6thsense quiz and done their recording on Oct 30,2009.


In the quiz, it is revealed that Hyunjoong is a big fan of Figure Skater Kim YuNa.

Kim Hyunjoong also admits that he never missed Kim YuNa’s competition in the ice ring.


SS501 Hyunjoong leader fandom to Kim YuNa is being a topic since he revealed his admiration towards the world-class figure skater.


Meanwhile, Kim Kyujong gets a question on how he will react when his parents opposed his girlfriend and his marriage plan.

Kim Kyujong,” I love my parents a lot, so I will try to give them a good girlfriend.”

The quiz also asked who is the worst member when they went out drinking together.

Kyujong,” After drinking, we’ll count all the expenses, and there’s 1 member who will keep his wallet safe”.

After Kyujong finished his words, all SS501 member’s eye-ing magnae Hyungjoon which caused laughter in the show.


SBS 6thsense quiz featuring SS501 will be aired on Nov 8,2009 at 10.45 am via SBS TV.

Source : 문태경 기자 mtk@mydaily[HJL News] +이미혜 macondo@newsen[Kyu’s+HJB’s News]

Sidenote : all 5 members attended the show, yet, only these 3 stories being revealed b4 its actual airing time 😀

  1. A says:

    aww this is cute I really wish SBS and MBC is part of our channel package or somethin!!

  2. Vleese says:

    hm.. I really need to say this since it keep bothering me..
    First of all.. I’m sorry coz i do really dont like hyung joon hair this time.. Like noodle.. His cute face half gone.. Huhuhu.. T.T’

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