[Updates] SS501 Upcoming schedule updates (Awards Event, Bangkok Concert and New Movie from Hyunjoong Leader)

Posted: November 5, 2009 in Celeb Updates, Event, tv show



There has been rumors about DSP Media boycotts MAMA around the net, yet, DSP already gave their side confirmation, which is not true that DSP ban the award whatsoever, yet, when they asked about the possibility of their artist attendance (SS501 & KARA) in the award party, they said that it’s hard n big chance that SS501 won’t be attending since the boys are super busy in domestic activities plus with their Asia Concert schedule, whilst KARA attendance is still under discussion(via thestar.chosun)

Meanwhile, SS501 boys are indeed superb busy, and here are their newest release activities schedule :

TV / Radio Shows

Ss501 continues their promotion activities as they appear in various tv/radio show, they will be on SBS Strong Heart, SuJu SUKIRA Radio show, KBS2TV Happy Together(HJL & Kyu), KBS Star Golden Bell, and KBS Dream Team show(HJL).

Details of the schedule, please check their schedule page here

Meanwhile , here’s a video from HJL recording in KBS TV Dream team show.

heads up to shirbogurl


  1. Leader HJ is nominated for Andre Kim ‘Best Star Award’. The event will be held altogether with Christmas Fashion Show event held by the designer on Nov 27,2009. HJ leader competitor will be fellow flower boy Kimbum and Kimjoon and other top male celebs.
  2. Leader HJ will attend Olive Style Icon Awards on Nov 11,2009
  3. SS501 is nominated in Golden Disk Award for Digital Song for BOTH ‘Love Like This’ and Because I’m Stupid of BoF Ost, and also in Samsung Yepp popularity award. The sho will be held on Dec 10,2009.

Movie project for Hyunjoong Leader


Credits : SS601.com + (English Translation) xiaochu @ Quainte501.com


Kim HyunJoong-SuAe to Act in Movie ‘You are Pet’. Original Japan comic made into popular drama, Movie will premier next year April.

‘Flower Boy’ Kim HyunJoong and SuAe from movie ‘The Sword With No Name’, will act in romantic comedy ‘You Are Pet’.

‘You Are Pet’ is a story from the 14-series comic in Japan which sold over 6million copies after its publication. It is about raising a boyfriend like a house pet.

It has been made into a 10-episode drama by Japan TBS station in 2003 with average viewership of 15% (equivalent to 30% in Korea), making a big hit at that time. In Japan, Matsumoto Jun aroused attention from the public for his role in this drama.

Kim HyunJoong’s role is the main character Kang InHo grows up in a female dominant environment, while learning ballet, he knows well what he can do to be able to be loved by females. Even though he is a promising classic ballet dancer getting recognition internationally, he ran away from home to the disappointment of his family.

SuAe’s character is Ji EunEe who is a reporter at a general media firm and takes on a job of a simultaneous translator after work. She had conflicts with her boss and was demoted to take care of monthly female fashion magazine instead. She started her cohabitant life with Kang InHo with ‘Owner and Pet’ relationship.

Production company Ludens said that this movie would likely to premier in April next year.

Riding on ‘Flower boy’ syndrome Kim HyunJoong and ‘pure and innocent beauty’ representative SuAe, they have gathered attention both locally and in Japan to see if they can drive this ‘Pet syndrome’.

Update : The Production House released a statement that HJL participation news released before was a false news!

Asia Tour in Bangkok

Credits: pingbook.com + (English translation) bryanben@ss501thailand.com


Korean popular idol group SS501 comeback with gorgeous concert.

SS501 under DSP Media (Thailand) Co., Ltd has their comeback with gorgeous concert in Thailand. Do Concert Co., Ltd is ready for holding the first official concert, “SS501 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA in Bangkok”, on January 17, 2010 for 2 hours. The official ticket sales will be announced to Triple S soon. Update : date changes into Jan 9, details here

Do Concert Co., Ltd revealed “This concert is guaranteed with magnificent stage by the team who made special effect phenomenon for Rain concert and large LED monitor about 12 meters. Fans could feel as if they are closed to SS501. This brand new stage of SS501 will surely create fans impressions.”

SS501 said “We promise our fans will go home with impressions from this magnificent concert.”

Also, SS501 has prepared new songs from the newest album “REBIRTH” for “SS501 1st ASIA TOUR PERSONA in BANGKOK” to captivate their fans.

  1. Soin says:

    Bangkok !!!! I wanna be there ……..
    too bad i just come back before that T__T

    ‘You Are pet’ sounds interesting !! but i also wonder when is he going to film that ??
    with busy-bee schedule. Anyway we’ll be anticipating and wishing you the best time and best health Leader~

    thank u Imuyachan for the updates ^^

  2. Hyunies says:

    Do you know details of concert ticket in bangkok?

  3. Praew says:

    i was like
    now im like near tearsss!
    hes coming to thailandddddddd!
    where I AM!! :))))
    i really really really really really really really reallyyyyy wanna goooo T^TTTTTTTTTTT
    i hope i can
    pleeeaseee mummmm pleeeeasee let me gooooooooo
    and woww! new movieee! ttly looking forward to it :))
    thanks imuyachan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤

  4. Praew says:

    haha 🙂
    well if its too expensive, my mum still wont let me buy the ticket…even with my OWN MONEY T^T
    so cruellll T_T
    ive been looking forward to this day FOR AGES!! TT-TT

  5. […] Just in case u didn’t follow me in Twitter, last time, I tweet on how the news about HJL will be in a movie is a FALSE NEWS since the production house of the movie already came out w/ statement that HJL […]

  6. saran says:

    oh~~~Official HP in Thailand said the concert will be 9 th.

  7. SSZA says:

    will they be coming before or after the concert in malaysia??OMG….I’M DYING TO GOOOOO!!! :S

  8. Vera says:

    IAM DYING TO GO too….But I couldn’t be there…Needs a lot of money…and i have to work on that day

    Just waiting for a MIRACLE ….May they will come to Indonesia….


  9. Praew says:

    i really wanted him to b in “you’re my pet”
    its a really nice drama seriesss!
    i loved the jap one ! 🙂

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