[Info] Triple S shows their disagreement towards SBS Inki Gayo Chart Result!

Posted: November 2, 2009 in Celeb Updates



Full Credit : K Bites

Fans of group SS501 has raised their doubts about her the production team of SBS Inkigayo derived on their #1 winner.

On SBS Inkigayo aired on 1st Noveber, SS501 won #2 on the show’s chart. With that, fans are saying that things do not make sense and requested for the breakdown of deriving at the #1 winner from the production team to the show.

The part about the breakdown that had the fans doubtful is the the album sales portion. Part of the fans have also started a protest thread on Inkigayo’s viewers noticeboard.

One SS501 fan said, “Do see the HanTeo chart. (SS501’s album) sold more than any other singer’s album. And on Friday, SS501 lose to SHINee by just 3000 points.”

There were also doubts if there is combined calculation of the normal and limited edition of SS501’s album.

With that there are increasing number of posts on the viewers noticeboard asking to reveal the breakdown of how Inkigayo derive at the #1 winner to ask for clarifications.

There has not been any clarifications from Inkigayo yet.



As the boys’ fans, we all hope they win the chart n all, but, as a good fans (that the boys always want us to be), I think we should leave the judging to the respective people and we shud be doing our role as fans, buy their CDs, support their events, etc.

I understand, why Triple S Korea is a bit mad since the boys are doin well in album sales, but, we also need to respect SHINee who did their comeback 1 week earlier, so that makes them got more points rite ? N we have to admit that Ring Dingdong isn’t a bad song at all.

We should believe in our boys, as we also know that their song is good !!! So keep the faith 😀

The time will come for our boys ..so no rush ^^

It’s a matter of time when SS501 will hold the so called winning trophy ^^

Be a good fans n don’t bash other artist as we also know that being a bad fans is the last thing that SS501 wants from us Triple S!

Triple S is known for the most low profile FanClub and let’s keep it that way ^^

Peace out!


  1. soin says:

    i also agree with you
    let’s be their supportive fans that they are comfortable to have us around ^^
    together we’ll go further and further….

    SS501 fighting !!
    TripleS fighting !!

    thank u for the news….

  2. Quynh says:


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