Happy 23rd Birthday SS501 Heo Youngsaeng!!!

Posted: November 2, 2009 in Event
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+On Nov 3rd,2009

SS501 Otter Prince

Heo Youngsaeng

celebrates his 23rd bday (24th in Korean Calendar) !

And, as I write this post, it’s already Nov 3rd,2009 in Seoul ^^

Imuyachan wud like to wish him a happy birthday!

God bless U always Youngsaeng-aa

gif ys ok

Saengil Chukahabnida

Saengil Chukahabnida

Saranghanenun Heo Youngsaeng

Saengil Chukahabnida!!!

ysDon’t forget to take pictures ❤

Youngsaeng Birthday Celebration from Nov 1st,2009 Autograph Stamp event !

heads up to shirbogurl

  1. amalee says:

    youngsaeng, my baby boo. happy birhdaay

  2. soin says:

    생일 죽하해요 영생이~
    happy birthday !!
    wish him good health and happiness also…

  3. jgp430 says:

    OOOOHHH!!! Thanks so much for sharing this! Loved to see the boys so happy together!

  4. Quynh says:

    happy birthday young saeng oppa 🙂
    may you grow even cuter to warm all our hearts

    ❤ you and all ss501 oppas 🙂

  5. Vleese says:

    happy bday young saeng.. Kikikiki..

  6. Paing Paing says:

    happy birthday Heo Young Saeng. Have a nice day.

  7. Tamama-chan says:

    young saeng oppa happy birthday,God alwys luv and mercy you and your career will be shine like star on the sky.we all luv you… ^^…

  8. kmrtky72 says:

    happy birthday “our elegant prince young saeng”
    have a successful life from now on with ss501……
    we love u and ss501 forever

  9. yaa says:


  10. babe says:

    young saeng happy bday!wish u all d best & success n lyf.gud health god bles u.& 2 all 501members.keep up d good wrk.luv u guys!mre power.

  11. Amze Dinara says:

    Привет! С Днем Рождения!!! Желаю тебе счастья, удачи и любви! 🙂
    Hi! Happy Birthday! I wish you happiness, luck and love!

  12. genevev bolo says:

    heo young saeng happy happy birthday…. sorry if i greet late… wish you all the best…
    i dont have any gift to give but im sure God will give you a very special gift in your birthday..
    i really like your voice and your personality… even though i don’t really know you yet i can see
    and feel that you are a nice person and very shy person… long live heo young saeng!!!!!
    i hope that you will visit here in our place in Philippines… I’am in a very far place but here in
    my heart you are very close in it… LIVE LOVE LAUGH….hehehe that is my motto…(n_n)

  13. mita chan TripleS says:

    Happy Bday Hae young saeng Oppa!!!!

  14. dewi says:

    happy b’day young saeng,wish u can become to the best singer in word

  15. Julia says:

    Happy Birthday! luv u

  16. Shelskie says:

    Happy Birthday Heo Young Saeng…………. Wish U Al The best take care……………………..

  17. ~krizzless501~ says:


  18. meemee says:

    사랑하는 영세씨 new year 에 맘애 있어 모두것 .

  19. […] The video above highlights great moments from Youngsaeng’s 2009 bday celebration [link]. […]

  20. carol says:


  21. derra says:

    young saeng kuserahkan semua hatiku untuk mu kamu pasti inget ni ma derra yang satu mobil ma kamu waktu kita mau pergi ke pulaw jeju kamu inget kan????????????????

  22. caroline says:

    baby young seang prince happy birhday love you

  23. ella says:

    ellow ure so cute young saeng

  24. ella says:

    ^_^”..i’m ure fan young saeng and the SS501..”^_^URE SO CUTE..”^_^

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