[TV] SS501 is LAST Performer in MBC Music Core 10.31.2009

Posted: October 31, 2009 in tv show
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Why is that important u say ?

Bcoz Music Core doesn’t have any chart,

so the last performer in Music Core is the best artist within this week in Music Core 😀

More simple : Last Performer is like no.1 in Music Core

aka Top Chart-er as in other Music Shows 😀

The boys wear a combination of turquoise/aqua, blue (YS) and grey concept 😀


The boys smile a lot ❤ They can feel the love from Triple S ^^v

I love the stagey !

And I keep my fingers crossed for Inki Gayo – may the boys are no.1 too there ^^


heads up to imuyachan

vid will be change the soonest a better version is out !

  1. A says:

    too bad I don’t have any MBC or korean channel I can only watch them on youtube 😦
    but that’s better than nothing! hey Imuyachan what’s their standing on the categories they got nominated?

    • Imuyachan says:

      Ost awards : SS501 1st place with close difference with SNSD Tiffany, Male Group awards : 3rd place close points to BigBang yet huge difference with SuJu, Artist of the year award : 3rd place with huge difference points with SNSD n SuJu >..< am also getting frustated here…everytime i vote for 'em ..SuJu's points are even bigger T_T

  2. M-fan doubleS says:

    WOW! that’s awesome,I really love their comeback. FOrever number One.
    I watched Friday’s show, but couldn’t heard lesult. who won there?

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