[TV] SS501 Comeback stagey in KBS Music Bank 10.30.2009 is SUPERB!

Posted: October 30, 2009 in tv show
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This is the most GRAND comeback stagey from SS501

I love their opening stagey (dance n all)

I love their wardrobe and  I think their voice is the best in this stagey ^^

Thx to KBS Music Bank who even provides us a teaser video

starting from the boys’ arrival, rehearsal, etc. ^^

Omo, I even loved their off stage clothes

The boys are superb handsome today ❤


SS501 arrival and rehearsal video

SS501 – Love Like This in MuBank 10.30.2009

on 1:28-1:30 magnae Hyungjoon smiles as he’s superb happy to hear superb loud Triple S ^^v

SS501 is no.2 in MuBank chart ^^

It’s okay we get it next week ❤

Source : imuyachan[Vids]+shirbogurl[ChartVid]

  1. kmrtky72 says:

    how to choose the KBS Music bank chart #1 ?
    ss501 ‘s song, dance, performance and outfit design are the best over others,
    so smart, elegant, delightful but they got no.2 only …..why?

    • Imuyachan says:

      Music Bank has their parameter dearie..from album sales and etc. ^^ since SHINee did 1 week earlier comeback so, maybe they got more points in few categories ^^

  2. jinnx says:

    loved it

  3. A says:

    Hope they get it next time

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