[MV] SS501’Love Like This’ FULL MV Released! {REVIEW}

Posted: October 30, 2009 in mv, review


+Yay, today (Oct 30,2009) ‘Love Like This’ MV is finally released!

The MV released early in the morning by DSP Media Channel in GOM TV

and it hits no.1 ranking for the real time view ranking ^^


Sidenote :

SS501 uses 4 wardrobes for the MV.

My favorite scene will be the ‘Car Scene’ – coz i think the boys’ customes are the best here!

I also love ‘With the Girl’ scene customes yet of course I dislike the girl existence *lol*

Thx God the boys didn’t do many intimate contacts with the girl *lol*

Only Kyu whom I spotted to sit close with the girl and I don’t like that at all *haha*

untitledKyu get ur hands off her ~_~

Overall, the MV is fine for me ^^ We get to see many member close up shoots.

I also think this is the 1st MV of the boys

where I can see Youngsaeng shows his various expressions (Witty n all) ❤

And, finally if I have to choose my fave in this MV, it will be Magnae Hyungjoon!

untitled2Simply bcoz he looks so fine [read:handsome] even with that hair do ❤

Source urasiansourceKpop [Vid]

  1. Quynh says:

    kyu jong love forever 🙂

    i was soooooooooo jealous of that girl tho…she got all the guys not just kyu jong 😦

    great mv…i’ve been waiting for it the entire week…literally started counting down the minutes

    thanks for the update

    • jgp430 says:

      Oh, those guys don’t need her. Besides, she seems so standoff-ish. How could anyone turn their back on any of those guys (yes, I know it’s acting). They need someone who will look at them (ME! ME! ME!) and love them (ME! ME! ME!)

  2. A says:

    I love the song and ofcourse the MV

  3. Wai Wai says:

    That is nice to watch but it will be far more better than this when that girl is out of Kyu Jong’s hand.So Awful to Look!

  4. reggie says:

    who is the girl in the mv?

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