MAMA Overseas Viewers’ Award is now ON! Vote for SS501!!

Posted: October 30, 2009 in Award
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I know most of us, having trouble to vote previously,

maybe among of u cannot vote for the previous 3 categories,

yet, now u can vote for the overseas voter award.

Still, u need an Mnet account to vote, so register first, ways to register here

After u get ur Mnet account, log in and go give ur vote here

Remember to use Internet Explorer okay ^^

Right now, SS501 is leading the voting yet, with quite close difference with SuJu..

mamaOVaward_11112009so please vote and make ’em the winner for this category ^^

And let’s show them that Triple S Overseas are there to support the boys ^^



  1. A says:

    Is the voting free this time?

  2. cikram says:

    how to register, i cannot read korean?? there no english translate??

  3. TOPluver says:

    can u gimme the website

  4. atyyahesir says:

    i jus wanna to cry.
    i cant vote to ss501 becoz there no malaysia there,
    i cant’ use another country becoz the email for the authentication no cannot receive.
    maybe my email aren’t register in other country..
    wht should i do.
    i want ss501 to win all the 3 categories

  5. atyyahesir says:

    im using yahoo mail~

  6. soriya says:

    i love song korea

  7. Devi501 says:

    Hello,Imuya chan.
    I don’t understand how to vote for SS501 for this oversea viewers award.I already have a mnet account.

    But when I vote for them,there always a pop up.
    It’s written in hangul. I don’t understand.
    Can you help me?

    Thank 4 ur help last time.

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi dearie..plz captured the hangul writtings n e-mail it to me at : so i can help u ok ^^

    • -.- says:

      Go to the window of the voting directly without logging through the website

      After that, click on the vote button next to the UR man, then a pop window will appear requesting you to you have to enter your ID and password..

      After that, it will direct you to the same window again … click on the vote button next to UR man..
      To ensure that you voted, it will show you alert that you voted for the award..

      if you did not get it , this is my email >>>

  8. Praew says:

    wat is registration number???
    im not 15 yet,,,so….??

  9. Praew says:

    ohh wrong site
    wat is Authentic No tho?

  10. Praew says:

    oops haha sorry. got it XD

  11. Praew says:

    hahahaha ok thankies 🙂

  12. -.- says:

    Does the country really matter??
    I am from UAE and cannot find UAE in the list, so can I choose another country??

    • Imuyachan says:

      My fellow Triple S Malaysia said that the country needs to exact as u originally came from, yet, u might wanna give it a shot ^^

      • -.- says:


        No, it does not really tell you to choose the country..
        it is just the nationality, so I chose Saudi Arabia since it is the nearest..

        Then I created a yahoo account and picked that I live there…
        Eventually, I could vote several times under several IDs with just one IP.

        In other words, anybody can vote..

  13. -.- says:

    I did not know that the MAMA is different from the overseas award..

    Is there any chance to vote for SS501 in the three categories?? did any one try and worked out with him/her?? the coupon number does not work any more..

  14. ss501fan says:

    hey imuyachan , where should i vote i dint see any.heheh……

  15. Rain says:

    I registered today, and though I can only vote for their overseas award. I feel like a more dedicated and proud Triple S. I’ll pray till I can’t pray anymore and then some. I hope they win it!

    SS501 hwaiting!

    Thanks to you as well for showing me how to register. Without it i couldn’t help my boys.

  16. baby says:

    ohhhhhhhhhh my gosh.i wnt 2 vote but i dnt knw hw.i wnt dem 2 win.501 go go go…………………

  17. Rain says:

    Oh no our SS501 boys are in 2nd now. we must double…no triple our efforts!

    Go Triple S Go!

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