[Info] SS501 shows their love to Sunbae Fin K.L in SBS 초콜릿

Posted: October 30, 2009 in Celeb Updates
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SS501 on Oct 28,2009 went on recording for SBS 초콜릿 (Chocolate) program.

They boys performed their title single from their new mini album ‘Love Like This’ and also performed special show by singing their senior Fin K.L hit single ‘To My Boyfriend’ at the show.


SS501 didn’t performed the hit single as it’s originally sang, instead they changed the song title into ‘To my Girlfriend’ for the show (they changed Boyfriend to Girlfriend ^^)

DSP Media,” SS501 decide to performed special stage with Fin K.L song as they have strong bond with their senior since they grew up with Fin K.L as their senior in the company”.

SS501 was serious with their special stage as they also learned the song dance choreography for this special stage in SBS Chocolate.

In addition, SS501 popularity is increasing as there are 300 overseas fans were coming to SBS 초콜릿 (Chocolate) recording to support the group whilst 100 fans weren’t able to get the entry ticket. It is also reported that Triple S were waiting in front of the building 2 days before the recording just to get the entry ticket.

Magnae Kim Hyungjoon,” We’re so grateful with the cotinously support from the international fans eventhough we’re back home at Korea now.”

DSP Media, ” SS501 overseas fans are aware of their Korea activities schedule and gicing the group a full support. The overseas fans were also giving : snacks, healthy foods and chocolate for the boys. We’re really grateful for the continuous love and support for the boys”.

Meanwhile, SS501 comeback mini album is getting good response in the market.

Enjoy related videos & pics !

SS501 in SBS Chocolate Image Cuts Video 10282009

SS501 Negero (Love Like This) in SBS Chocolate 10282009










Source : 박미애 orialdo@SPN&문미영기자 mymoon@sportshankook[Korean News]

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