[Update] SS501 is busy bee for comeback activities! {KBS Open Concert, SBS 6thsense Quiz and many more!}

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Celeb Updates, English
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SS501 is such a busy bee since their comeback. The boys are appearing in various shows. Today, SS501 will do recording for SBS TV ‘Chocolate‘ and previously also reported that they will do recording for SBS ‘Strong Heart‘ on Nov 5th,2009 and as I see their schedule in DSP Media site , the boys already have other show schedule line up. These new programs are already upped in their schedule page, so make sure u check it out too ^^

Read away for the whole upcoming schedule details !

kbs open concert

  • Oct 29 : SBS Music High at 02.00 am + recording for KBS Open Concert at KBS Hall (time not yet decided)

sbs 6th sense quiz

  • Oct 30 : SBS Music High 02.00 am, KBS Music Bank (06.30 pm), recording for SBS Quiz!Sixthsense (time not yet decided)
  • Oct 31 : SBS Music High 02.00 am, MBC Music Core at Ilsan Dream Center (04.10 pm), recording for YTN Star LIVE Power Music at Iksan (7.00 pm).
  • Nov 1 : SBS Inki Gayo (04.10 pm)
  • Nov 2 : recording for SBS Star King (time not yet decided)
  • Nov 3 : recording for KBS Champagne (time not yet decided)
  • Nov 5 : recording for SBS Strong Heart variety talkshow (time not yet decided)

Source : DSP Media Site

  1. Soin says:

    really as busy as bees—–
    imagine leader becomes bee … haha

    thank u for the schedule !!
    i sometimes couldn’t get into DSP site…
    SS501 Fightinggg

  2. Merpati says:

    I can see all this program at ur blog only ……

    I’m waiting……Thanks for sharing

  3. Vleese says:

    imagine he becoming bee.. The insect that he affraid of.. Hehehe.. So much fun..
    with schedule like that, i’m kind worried with their health n stamina.. =(

    • Imuyachan says:

      haha..leader hates insect indeed ^^ yeah..me too..but, i worried magnae Hyungjoon and Kyujong the most right now, since these 2 boys are acting now >.< thx 4 coming..

  4. Vleese says:

    magnae? In what drama?

  5. Quynh says:

    yay!! more chances to see them 🙂

    i’ll check back on your site for all info…thanks sooo much

    and i really hope the boys aren’t overworking themselves

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