[Event] SS501 in KBS JOY’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration Concert + Leader Hyunjoong leads the Style Icon Awards

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Event
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There are 2 updates for today 😀

1. Today, Oct 27, our boys SS501 participated in KBS JOY’s 3rd Anniversary Celebration Concert  which is held today from 7.00 pm onwards alongwith other popular groups such as : hoobae KARA, FT Triple, Jewelry, SHINee, T-ara & Supernova, etc.

DSP Media didn’t put this event on their posted schedule so I dunno ’bout this until I read the news in Korean sites.

2. Other GREAT news is that Our leader Hyunjoong lead the poll for the  2009 Seoul-Style Icon Awards by hitting the 1st place leaving fellow pretty boy Lee Minho, Lee Seunggi and even his group SS501 behind. The poll will still be open for the next 2 weeks until the event ‘D’ day on Nov 11,2009 on 6pm at N-Seoul Tower and said to be a total 5 hours show.

I dunno, whether leader and(or) SS501 will come to this event or not, yet, if I get the info I will let u know ^^

Leader will attend  this event alone, as SS501 will also singing in Visit Korea Year Opening Ceremony at 7 pm. I cannot imagine how will leader attend 2 events in such schedule @_@


Source : 박준형 soul1014@newsen[KBS JOy Info]+김형우 cox109@newsen[StyleIconAwardsInfo]+Olive Site[SIA Pic]

  1. ctnaquia says:

    i know about this..
    no 1 kim hyun joong
    no 2 super junior
    no 3 lee minho
    no 4 g-dragon
    no 5 SS501
    no 6 Lee Seung Gi
    no 7 Goo Hye Sun
    no 8 SNSD
    no 9.Brown Eyed Girls
    no 10 2PM

  2. soin says:

    Nov 11 ?? that’s really near their Shanghai concert…

    it’s really good now they are everywhere…
    see their song on #1 in MNet site ^^ i feel so excited
    gotta save lotta money for their concert and on and on !!!

    • Imuyachan says:

      yeah..that’s why I am not so sure they will attend..but, if leader’s win, I assume he will still try to attend since he missed the Seoul Drama Awards ^^ though..no connection between the two yet it is still an event *lol*

  3. kieu ngoc says:

    i want send message 4 hyunjoong!!!who can help me?!!!

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