[Video] SS501 Leader will be a Wedding singer for Hyunyeong Noona

Posted: October 26, 2009 in tv show
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This is featured in the second part of SBS TV ‘Good Sunday’ line up show.

The show titled is Gold Miss Is Coming aired right after Family Outing.


So funny to see Hyunyeong unnie action when she gets to call Hyunjoong 😀

*lol* when Hyunyoung unnie called Sihoo Sunbae instead of Jihoo Sunbae ^^

We can see that everyone loves our leader HJ ^^

Comment Please ^^


heads up to iBreatheLifeMusic

  1. temkaSS says:

    wow Hyun Joong is very good natured. Isn’t?

  2. 07Marvis says:

    May I know which video clip are you refering to Hyunjoong’s facial expression just by his voice when unni asked him to sing in the cab.

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