[Award] SS501 nominated in Mnet Asian Music Award 2009~Let’s VOTE!

Posted: October 25, 2009 in Award
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This year there won’t be any Mnet MKMF as previous years, yet, the Mnet TV doesn’t stop here, they just bored with the name in fact they come up with new name and it’s Mnet Asian Music Awards aka MAMA this year!

The MAMA event will be held on November 21st,2009 LIVE from Jamsil Indoor Stadium at 7pm onwards. If u don’t have Mnet on your tv channel NO worries as the show will be broadcasted LIVE by Channel V for other Asia countries as follow : China, Japan, Hongkong and other Southeast Asia countries.

So, SS501 is nominated for Male Group Award category alongwith 2PM, BigBang, SuJu, and SG Wannabe.

SS501 is also nominated for O.S.T Award w/ the song Because I’m Stupid of Boys over Flowers and their competitor for this title are : Baek Ji Young (Don’t Forget – IRIS), Lee Seung Chul (No more love like this – Blue Love Story), T-Max (Paradize – Boys Over Flowers), Tiffany (I’m Along – JaMyungGo).

And SS501 is also nominated for Artist of the year award , so make sure u vote that category too ^^

I was trying to vote yesterday as Mnet usually allows foreign voter, yet, as off yesterday they still have not open the foreigner link to register n all >.<

I will keep u updated when the link is open , so we can vote and make SS501 win 😀

Mnet site ONLY works with INTERNET EXPLORER okay girls ^^

U need to have Mnet account first so u can vote for the awards!

Register your Mnet account by clicking this site

How to register  :

  1. click the foreigner button
  2. tick all boxes that needs to be clicked then click saved
  3. fill all necessary infromation
  4. when u fillin ur e-mail add -click the certification box and there’s a pop up
  5. pop up says for u to check ur e-mail address n get the authentication no.
  6. NO Need to close ur currently open Mnet registration form
  7. just open new tab or new page to check ur e-mail add n get the number
  8. copy the number and paste to the mnet registration form
  9. Ure Done!!

How to vote :





After u click the MAMA button, it will redirect you to MAMA site ~


After u click the button above,

it will automatically bring u from the 1st award category to the last category

so, just click(vote) to ur other fave artist in other category

and vote for SS501 in Male group award, Ost award, Artist of the year award

as seen below




Remember u need to vote for all 18 categories

and the final step is..

vote ends

U can vote in daily basis – 1ID/day , yet 1 IP can be registered to 20 ID.

Voting open till Nov 20.00 – 8pm Korea Time.

These votings only take 20% of total winning percentage ^^ So, pray a lot too ^^

SS501 is doin’ good for Ost yet, for male Group n Artist of the year they’re no.3 as I write this post, so please VOTE ok ^^ U only need to input the coupon number once, afterwards, u just repeat from the MAMA site steps only ^^

Update on Oct 29,2009 : The coupon number isn’t working anymore for free voting >.< Yet, if u already register b4hand with it (while it still works), u can still vote ’till the end of the voting period, yet, the coupon CANNOT be used anymore for new member ~_~

Will inform u if i found new info !

Source is hallyuism@wordpress[info]+Kbites[OST Award Info]+SS501 Thread in Soompi[VotingInfo]

  1. ctnaquia says:

    hello..sorry i do know your name.
    i want to vote ss501..
    but i do know how because there are no english sub there.
    can you help me..
    thank u

    • Imuyachan says:

      hi dearie..as i wrote in the post..the foreigner registrationi is still closed as off yesterday..have not try today..will inform if i get the info..tx 4 coming..

  2. liliez143 says:

    I tried to register yesterday using “internet explorer” while watching their performance yesterday and it’s opened already for the foreigner.. but i would like to ask, while voting does it really have a pop-ups while clicking whom to vote? is it valid?

  3. ctnaquia says:

    TQ imuyachan!!
    hee :]

  4. xoxo says:

    will it be shown in channel V taiwan verison??? will it broadcast in singapore?

    • Imuyachan says:

      I think as long as u hv channel v, it will be aired in ur country ^^ please check ur channel v schedule ^^ try to see in channel v’s website for each country’s schedule ^^

  5. ctnaquia says:

    ouh imuyachan tq so much,,do you learn haengbok?

  6. Soin says:

    ahh i dont hav CH V here T_T
    but i’ll make sure i go to vote for the guys !!!

    thank u for the method ^^

    • Imuyachan says:

      really ? too bad..yet, I will post the videos if there’s any thats related to SS501 ^^ n of course a full report about the event..hope my job isn’t overloaded when its time ^^ don’t forget to vote darling ^^

  7. ctnaquia says:

    imuyacahn..i’m from malaysia..
    there’s no mlysia la ..
    what should i do?

  8. ctnaquia says:

    enter information
    [select nationality]
    m just 4 mongolia.there’s no malaysia there.

    • Imuyachan says:

      seriously ? waw..i didn’t notice that since i was registering for my country..emm, just choose any country dearie..they won’t check it out I assume ^^ hehe..

  9. tonks42 says:

    GOsh I hope we win all categories…its really difficult to navigate the Mnet Registration and MAMA voting system….but we are trying our best to help everyone to register and vote….as of this moment we are only 3rd in 2 categories…SS501 is only leading in OST…

    I really hope we can all register and vote………….

    We can do this and make SS501’s comeback a memorable one for them…………

  10. A says:

    Uhmm is registering to vote on Mnet free?

  11. A says:

    Ok thanks for the info
    I’ll definitely vote and thanks for posting updates on SS501

  12. PK says:

    Hey, I registed and did everything, but there’s a problem. When I go on the MAMA site, I clicked the pictures to vote, but it seems like my vote isn’t going through. Do you know what’s wrong?

    • Imuyachan says:

      the voucher number isn’t working anymore as Oct 26 according to one of SS501 fancafe, this might be the reason for ur problem..n we still find ways to vote without paying n stuff..will inform u the soonest..

  13. a says:

    i can’t find the foreigner button coz i can’t read korean ^_^

  14. atyyahesir says:

    imuyacahan..hmm still cannot register.
    can’t choose other countries. i’ ve try it so many times.
    authentication number not be sent to my email.
    can’t do anything without the authentication no.

    • Imuyachan says:

      may i know, what’s ur e-mail provider..i used yahoo n it works well..i heard many hotmail n gmail accounts are troubled with the authentication number e-mail..anyways, the voucher number which i posted isn’t working anymore..people can’t register and vote free with that anymore..am still looking ways on how to register without paying..if there’s such way >.<

  15. […] Still, u need an Mnet account to vote, so register first, ways to register here […]

  16. Nayomii says:

    I can’t vote with FireFox! Safari too. I do not have internet explorer! How? ㅠㅠ

  17. Devi501 says:

    I want to vote for SS501 for all categories,
    Unfortunately, we have to pay if we vote for MAMA mnet now.

    I hope that you can find a way to vote for free soon.

    I want to support SS501!!

    I appreciate your help.
    Thanks a lot.

  18. alexandra says:

    I`m getting frustrated…plz help me I just can`t find the foreigner button…or i`m stupid or its not working anymore plz help me out!!!

    I wanna vote for SS501 T_Y

    • Imuyachan says:

      first of all, as I updated the coupon voucher cannot be used anymore , u need to buy coupons to vote in this award..yet, different case for Overseas Awards…foreigner button is written in English on the right side of the mnet.com link which I gave u ..plz see it carefully..or print screen it so I can help u okay ^^ plz help..more voter the better SS501 only doin’ good (no.1) for Ost awards >.<

  19. alexandra says:

    ohhh it isn`t ty so much 4 answering….now I`m sad I can`t vote for them and they desreve to win!!

    SS501 FITHING!!!!


  20. bear says:

    where is the foreign button to click? thx!!! support ss501!!

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