[Video] SS501 is ‘Edgy Men’ for -Love Like This- MV Teaser

Posted: October 23, 2009 in Music, video
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SS501 won’t let their fans breathe easy as they always give sweet surprise in the Pre-Comeback days 😀

Today (Oct 23,2009), the boys released their ‘Love Like This’ MV Teaser.

As I informed you previously, SS501 had filmed their MV on Oct 21st, and they surely made the whole production team worked super hard as they only have 2 days to do the whole process  (filming-editing-releasing) ’till the MV Teaser ready. Whilst, we can expect to see the full MV in near time.

DSP Media as their agency has also released the image teaser for the MV which show the boys’ manly image !

teaser imagey1

Anyway, for the MV, the boys changed their image from ‘Kkotnam’ (Flower Boy) to ‘Etjinam’  (Edgy Man) !! The boys are like using this metro sexual concept with of course smokey make-up as we all see in the album jacket teaser previously.And the fans responds towards this new concept are said HAPPY and all. (Hell yeah ^^ who cud resist such smexy boys in 1 group!)

SS501 new album concept seemed to emphasize their maturity showing the boys’ charismatic  and metro sexual looks for public’s consumption.

SS501 will have their music show comeback via MBC Music Core (Oct 24th) and SBS Inki Gayo (Oct 25th), while their comeback album REBIRTH is getting good response and doing very well in the music chart and sales.

MV Teaser for ‘Love Like This’

Kyaaaaaaaaaa ❤ ❤ ❤

More photos from MV Teaser!!

Don’t faint ok girls or grabbed a chair at least *lol*

Group Pics from MV Teaser!


Solo Pics from MV Teaser


Hyunjoong Leader aka HJL


Otter Prince Youngsaeng


Forever Center Kyujong


Sexy Charisma Jungmin-ee


Sweetest Magnae Hyungjoon Baby aka HJB

Source is 김형우 cox109@newsen[Info]+urasiansourceKpop[Vid]

+DSP Media & as tagged[Photos]+Kim Yeongmi @ cyworld[Group+Solo MV Teaser Pics]

  1. temkaSS says:

    wow so cool…
    ❤ SS501 fighting

  2. temkaSS says:

    wow Young Saengie cute pic thx

  3. temkaSS says:

    I really like your blog

  4. sandy says:


    tam buenazas las fotos de ss501
    a esos nenes los amoo
    em especial a park jun min mibebito

    selia bueno q vengn al peruuu-
    pa la gentita q le gute ss501 y tvxq agregemne mi msm..es

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