[Info] SS501 No.1 on music charts 1 day after comeback + the boys thought about American Market

Posted: October 22, 2009 in album, video
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Full Credit K Bites for both article!

SS501 up#1 on music charts 1 day after comeback

SS501 has risen up to the #1 spot just 1 day after their comeback.

After 1 year and 7 months, the group is back with a new minialbum ‘Rebirth’ released on 20th October. Even though the songs from the album were released late at night, responses to the album was overwhelming immediately after reveal.

Fans, who have been anticipating the album, have noted the increase in quality of music with the group’s new album. With that, the group has risen up to #1 position on various daily music charts.

Not only so, the album is also #1 on various online music store reservation sales with their comeback minialbum.

The group’s comeback will be postponed will the 23rd on KBS Music Bank because of the pro baseball games going on.

SS501 thoughts about American Advance

Group SS501 has revealed that the time is still not ripe for their American advance and for the time being, they will be focusing on their Asian promotions.

SS501 recently met up with a reporter and they revealed, “Currently, there are many seniors who are advancing into the American market and are doing promotions there. But through them, we felt that the wall into the American market is really high.”

They added, “In anyway, right now we will be concentrating on promotions in Korea and Asia. With that, if we get good results and spare time and energy, we will think about it again.”

Currently the group is doing their first Asian concert tour 5 years after their debut. And also on 20th October, they released a new minialbum ‘Rebirth’ in Korea after 1 year and 7 months.

Congrats to the boys!!! So, that means, their 1st comeback music stage will be in MBC Music core on Oct 24th,2009. Meanwhile, here’s a fancam of the boys performing ‘Love Like This’ in Taiwan’s Concert 😀

heads up to xxlingxx


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