[Video] SS501 Leader Hyunjoong for ELLE Korea

Posted: October 17, 2009 in Magz, video
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heads up to xxlingxx

Leader says that this photoshoot concept will be European Style – European Man’s style.

Gosh..he’s so handsome..

  1. ysari says:

    khj, how come you are soo good looking and fine man?!! Hope your heart as beautiful as your figure. Please keep single!!

  2. Marvis says:

    Hi, Imuyachan… what is he saying in the video clip. Aiya, dont understand. can translate, please. thanks and gd day.

  3. 07Marvis says:

    Hi, I already register myself in youtube but I didnt see u in. I am using the same name.

  4. 07Marvis says:

    oic. thanks and gd day.

  5. Praew says:

    woowwww~ so cuteee 🙂
    love this hair styleee 😀
    he shudnt have cut it in the love like this albummm
    oh well, hes still cutee anywayss 😀

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