SS501 Leader Hyunjoong spotted w/ an ‘S’ line girl!

Posted: October 16, 2009 in Advertisement
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Yes he is but only for the new Tony Moly Commercial Film (CF) ^^

The photos of the new Tony Moly CF have been released and gained people’s interest as they see their beloved kkotnam (flower boy) does some intimate pose with this S line model in the photos.

Tony Moly Rep,” The shooting was done last week in a studio at Gangnam-Seoul.”

Kim Hyunjoong was doing the 2nd half  CF shooting for the cosmetic brand and has got his fan’s curiosity as the photos from the recent filming unveiled to the public.

Tony Moly Rep,” The shooting went all day from morning until late at  night. Though Kim Hyunjoong seemed tired and all, he successfully finished the shooting without any NGs. Meanwhile, from the new Tony Moly CF you can expect a stronger image from him as well as his new looks.”

The new Tony Moly CF will be aired starting November whilst you can see the making of the CF as well as interview from the shooting set via KBS2 Yunyega Jungye (Entertainment Weekly) on Oct 17,2009. (video below)

Meanwhile, SS501 is currently in Taiwan as part of their Asia Tour and will do a concert in Taipei on Oct 17,2009 then the boys will be releasing their new mini album on Oct 20 (special edition), Oct 22 (normal edition) and having their comeback on music stage on Oct 23rd in KBS Music Bank followed by performing in MBC Music Core and SBS Inki Gayo still in the same week.

More from the set!


15_24691I am so NOT liking the pose from left top photo T_T aghhh …. jealous much >.<

The video from Entertainment Weekly is out ! Check it out!

handsome muchhh ❤ will sub this as in now 😀

will replace with the subbed one afterwards 😀 already  ^^

Source is 최준용 기자 issue@tvdaily[Info]+이미혜 macondo@newsen[Info]+


  1. alexia lo says:

    i am so jealous too.


  2. candy says:

    i think the MC did mention HWANG BO….and im so happy when i heard it…hehehe
    can’t wait for the sub…


  3. Marvis says:

    Hi, how come hyj always didnt mention about Singapore during the interview. so sad lor… Anyway… the interview is quite interesting. gd day. 😛

  4. caroline says:

    they are just acting i am so angry too but no choice hyun joong oppa sarang hae

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