[Info] SS501 is no.1 Foreign Idol in China

Posted: October 16, 2009 in Award, fyi




SS501 is really getting more and more popular in China

as they recently chosen as the no.1 foreign idol in the country.

Chinese magazine ‘jjueiwissiang’ (最偶像, Very Idol) conducted “the best foreign idol’ survey.

SS501 gets 7988 votes and placed them as no.1 of the survey result.

Congrats Congrats!!!!

I guess 2009 is indeed SS501 year 😀

Note : I translate the magz name according to the Korean pronounciation

since I can’t read chinese >.<

Source is silk781220@sportchosun

  1. Soin says:

    Oh !!! This is a good way to go , guys !!!
    happy with u ^^

    Not only SS501 ranks #1 … HJL is also ranks #3 in the poll
    goshh could they be any hotter ??

    thank u Imuyachan…

  2. bvelasco1 says:

    i knew it they can do it.
    I LOVE SS501
    they are the best

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