[Goods] SS501 Collection Attack!

Posted: October 8, 2009 in goods
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I was browsing yesasia today as I want to buy few recent Korean albums.

Yet, when I browse the SS501 section, I found few new things that I haven’t (or want to) buy!

See what items that will fulfill your SS501 Crave as in  RITE NOW!

Pre-Order Goods

SS501 Photo Album in Hawaii

aloha photobook

The photo album will be in traditional chinese w/ the weight of 900 g.

If u don’t speak the language, u can always enjoy the boys’ handsome faces rite 😀

It will cost u US$61.19 in order to flew this thing to ur hands ^^

Expected release date: October 14, 2009.

Preorder in Yesasia here

COLOR Vol. 179 October 2009 (SS501 Cover)

color oct1color oct2

The boys will also be in the cover of COLOR Magz October edition.

It will be in traditional chinese with total of 300 g as in package weight.

If u want the magz u need to pay US$14.39 in return.

Expected release date: October 15, 2009.

Preorder in Yesasia here

SS501 – Postcard Book


The boys will also released a Postcard book.

It consists of 30 pcs postcard .

It will be in a hardcover with the size of : 22.8 x 13.5 cm


U can see the 5 handsome men story in America in this postcard book.

The postcard images were taken during their US Trip.

They did the photoshoot in America’s Beach, San Fransisco & Las Vegas.

The price for this postcard book is US$29.99

Expected release date: October 30, 2009.

Preorder in Yesasia here

SS501 Other Great Goods

Fans x Fans Love Korea Special Issue


This is also another great collection from the boys.

I missed this one as this item was released back on Aug 26,2009 >.<

It’s in Traditional chinese and the content is about SS501 and Kim Hyunjoong in person.

The item comes w/ the price of US$15.74

Buy it via yesasia here

COLOR Vol. 178 September 2009 (Kim Hyun Joong Cover)

color sep1color sep2

Meanwhile. leader HJ is the frontpage man for COLOR Magz Sept edition.

The price for this edition is US$14.39.

It’s in traditional chinese w/ the package weight of 300 g.

Buy it via yesasia here

Leader HJ is also featured as the model cover of 2 other magz :

fans sept

Fans Vol. 58 September 2009 (Kim Hyun Joong Cover 1)

Price is US$10.34, Buy it here

play sept

Play Vol. 137 September 2009 (Kim Hyun Joong Cover)

Price is US$13.49, buy it here

  1. lamerhui says:

    hehe. i got some of it 🙂
    fans x fans i love it.
    the quality is goos 😛

    well, i would like to have their light stick though.
    not sure where to get it 😦
    maybe when they come to sg for concert keke!

  2. lamerhui says:

    you shld get fans x fans im sure you will love it too! 🙂 they have those able to tear out postcard… and the quality is hard one…. not those paper quality! it’s really good 🙂 you will definitely love it. inside is all about korea stuff too! after reading it, i feel like going to korea already. but one thing, is in chinese… i wish it is written in english 😛

    yeah light stick. it seems that yesasia sold out already.

    actually, i feel like going for the taiwan concert which happen next week. but nevermind, shall wait patiencely for the singapore concert 😛 you coming right! 😛

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