[Info+Vids] SS501 in Korea-China Friendship Concert (10.06.2009)

Posted: October 7, 2009 in Event
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The Korea-China Friendship Concert was held successfully on Oct 6,2009 at Qingdao-China.

SS501 performed their hits Dejavu, A song calling for you besides also Boys over Flowers theme “Nae Moriga Nappaseo” on stage as well as their new single to the concert crowd.

SS501 really gained their popularity in China as we can see their fans around them no matter they boys go. Triple S China even wait in the hotel and send the boys off to the concert arena. The boys were using white suit w/ black shirt inside and was seen leaving the hotel by bus provided by the organizer.

SS501 was looking all great and they performed well for the concert.

The current available videos were either LQ (Low Quality) Video or Giant Screen Video, it seems the stage was located too far from the audience >.<

Yet, I managed to get their quite clear photos from the concert giant screen and was shared by the Korean Site. The photos were taken by the fans when they boys performed on stage !

I will change the videos if I get a better one 😀

Enjoy the snapshots+videos below!






SS501-Deja vu

credit as tagged+ss601+shirbogurl @ YT

SS501 – Deja vu+A song calling for you

This version is way better than the others 😀

HJL smiles in 6:04 ^^


Triple S China is like everywhere ^^ !

Arrived in Hotel

Leaving hotel for concert (1)

Leaving hotel for concert (2)

Leader & Jungmin nod to us ^^

Leaving hotel for Korea

Source: Nate(News)+Jisoo at Cyworld(Pics)+shirbogurl21(Videos)

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