[FanVid] SS501 boys’ heading Qingdao-China (10.06.2009)

Posted: October 6, 2009 in fanvid
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+ys hjl

The boys as scheduled were heading Qingdao

to perform in the Korea-China Friendship Concert!

The Korean Sites reported that HJL will have his ‘official’ comeback in Taiwan’s concert,

that is why I wasn’t expecting him among the boys,

yet, I was wrong, coz I saw him among them 😀

ys hjlys hjl2

(I am so <3ing his photos in regular clothing as he is still hawt in it!)

I hope HJL is healthy nuff to perform 😀

Enjoy their  video footage fr Incheon to China!

SS501 in Incheon Aiport [Youngsaeng+HJ Leader Focus]

SS501 arrived in Qingdao Airport

heads up to shirbogurl21

  1. Merpati says:

    Thanks Imuyachan for the news

    Now we can see all of them together again.

    • Imuyachan says:

      agree…so glad 2 c that leader was well enough to join the guys 😀 will post the videos from the concert the soonest i found the good quality one 😀

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